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  Diary of a Whimpy REALTOR This is for us in the "snow belt" that should help increase our contact lists. I had an idea that will be some backbreaking work for a day, but should pay off very well in the future; it is called community service. When we have a snow storm there are people that go do...
Diary of a Whimpy REALTOR      So what is your hook????? Are you having many click throughs from the ads you post to wherever? Stop doing what everyone else is doing. Your headline must intrigue buyers to view your page...and then what??? The same old, same old, real estate "stuff" everyone else ...
  Diary of a Whimpy REALTOR       It’s about that time again! The crisp/cool air, countless beautiful shades of colors, and plenty of enjoyable evenings around the bonfire await us. Yet, amidst all these great things, there are certain preparations that you need to be aware of when getting ready ...
  Diary of a Whimpy REALTOR   Many of my friends and acquaintances will tell you “You want the truth ask Peter.” Maybe that is one of my strong or weak points, only History will tell. I normally do not write a post about a rant, but when I do it is normally a doozy.   I received a call from one o...
This is a little off topic but I just had to share this. Being a pet owner, a crazy cat that likes to lick my son's head, they can do some amazing things. This should bring a smile and a good ending to your day. Enjoy Active Rain Community. P.S. This is a picture of my other wife states ...
Diary of a Whimpy REALTOR   So my wife was off today and I had to run and do some valuations for the bank. Have her ride with me? Why not. As we went down this particular street I realized I did this for the bank already, but I never really took notice of the area. Across the street from this par...
I figured I would share this. This was sent to me from one of my friends. What would you do in this type of situation? The water is cold, current is strong, and gale force winds on the pier. Is it just a dog or something that means the world to someone else? I have to give kudos to this young man...
Diary of a Whimpy REALTOR   Facebook? What Is it all about? It is a social network site to be able to connect with friends, past clients, or certain groups you have an affinity with. Do you need to have 5000 friends? Would you invite all of those friends to your back-yard BBQ? I do not think so. ...
Diary of a Whimpy REALTOR   If you have been in the Cub or Boy Scouts, or have a child involved, the motto is “Do your best.” It is not about being the winner all the time, but being part of a team. The word “winning” I believe is so over-rated that is creates conflict compared to competition. Wh...
Diary of a Whimpy REALTOR   I had received this email from a Broker in my area.   Don't Make the Same Mistake I Did!(A quick note for Lehigh Valley Brokers and Agents)   Hi Everyone,   We were shocked recently by a fine from the state for the way a rental commission was paid, and I wanted to take...


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