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This is part 2 of Why Don't You Come to My Office??? Now this is the easy part...after a buyer now becomes your client. We have access to the MLS, we send our clients lists of houses that match their "needs"....hopefully you have a Buyer Profile system in place, and they take a look at the list. ...
Uhhh....I do not think so... All too often when people mention Philly, flash, and mob in the same sentence, the image of a bunch of rowdy people creating chaos comes to mind. I received this video from one of my Facebook Friends and I am sharing this with you. No this is not Philly, but if the Fl...
  Diary of a Whimpy REALTOR   I love working from home....more freedom and flexibility. My neighbors know that with me working from home I keep a watchful eye on our community. I have been dubbed the Mayor of Fox Chase, and rightfully so. Of course I care about what is going on in my neighborhood...
This is a must read for anyone serious about their business; Nina hits the nail on the head. How often have we seen this in our profession? How often have we seen the fiduciary rights violated? Nina has given a proper way to respond in regards to the way she represents her clients. Keep the answe...
Diary of a Whimpy REALTOR I've had them, and I am sure you have had them....buyers that are hard to get into the office. I used to get so frustrated with some buyers looking for Philadelphia homes for sale, however I came up with an idea using the tools in my real estate tool box. So how do we fi...
Diary of a Whimpy REALTOR So this is the ad I ran on Craigslist. Notice that it is soooo much different from the hum drum ads...You want the ad to get opened. Sometimes we should have a shock factor, and maybe that "What the heck is this!?!?" I received quite a bit of traffic just from this ad a...
This I had to share. Take heed to the advice. Heather gives a detailed plan on how to work the Google Juice. Too many people in our profession try to shy away from the magic of the internet, but times change and it is time to board that train and get it going. Enjoy what she offers.What an honor ...
Get A List Of Fixer Uppers and HUD and Weekly Property Videos Emailed to You     Large three-story single in Lawndale with large rear yard. Needs repair but priced to sell! Hud owned proeprty - hud homes are sold in as-is condition. Hud case # 441-706978.
This I felt needed to be reblogged. Thank you Cindy for sharing this. Sometimes I feel the American Public forgets about those that have made the Ultimate Sacrifice, for Our Great Nation, to enjoy the Freedoms we take so much for granted; and not realizing that "Freedom is Not Free." Someone paid...
  Diary of a Whimpy REALTOR   What type of ads are you writing to capture information? Are you the hum drum agent that writes the blah, blah, blah or one that thinks outside the box???   One of the best advisers I have for writing an ad is my 8 year old son. If he thinks the ad is pretty cool I t...


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