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  Diary of a Whimpy REALTOR Most of the blogs we write are generally about real estate and some local happenings, well today I want to take the time to write about today. Do you know what today is? Some people do and some people do not, but as the sands of time continue to flow, so do the memorie...
Diary of a Whimpy REALTOR   So as the day winds down and I sit at the dentist’s office for my son’s appointment, I reflect on the housing market in the Philadelphia area.  See, I now understand why there are so many people on the fence about purchasing a house, and I feel it first hand. My wife a...
  Diary of a Whimpy REALTOR   Earlier this week I was asked “What value do you bring to your clients, or prospective clients?” I pondered the question for a bit and I was actually stumped. I almost stated one of my Universal Selling Propositions, but, I knew I’d sound like a TV commercial, and if...
06/03/2012 will start to play.... Do I really want to work with you???? If you know of anyone that has been involved with AA, take heed to Step 10 "Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it." Yup I failed to do so. No I am not a member of AA, however e...
  Diary of a Whimpy REALTOR       As we start the year in full swing, and as the Spring Market falls closer and closer, what have you been doing to market and brand yourself? As part of a marketing campaign I have a flyer that I send out in Philadelphia wherever I go, and I am not shy about it. I...
  Diary of a Whimpy REALTOR   So I have been given the nickname “Socrates” due to periods of cogitating, and with doing so, getting the answer needed using the Socratic Method, i.e. “named after the Socrates classical Greek Philosopher , is a form of inquiry and debate between individuals with op...
Ever had this kind of day...???? I am sure you have... What is happening in today's Philadelphia Real Estate Market??? I wish I could transport back to the early Y2K years, "Beam me up Scotty," but I can not perform that kind of miracle. Don't ask me to try and turn water to wine or walk on wate...
Sitting here with my Masonic Ballcap on and eating chili and home-baked bread in Philadelphia, while others are searching for Philadelphia Homes for Sale...but I could be eating Lumpia and Rice....something a little different from "traditional" American Homes. Yes I eat foods from other cultures...
  Diary of a Whimpy REALTOR   Yes this weekend I will be putting on my Super Hero tights and zooming into Internetland....never mind TMI....I think that will get a great laugh as well.   But....without the tights I will be working on my Blogs, sprucing up some of my ads, and writing a few article...
  Diary of a Whimpy REALTOR   When I was in the Military I loved the regimented way everything was done, from the Brass down. You knew what was expected of you, you knew who to take orders from, and you knew at what time to eat, sleep, and whatever else needed to be done; of course combat situati...


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