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Can you really reduce your stress, find some peace and open up your creativity with gratitude?  I believe you can with a gratitude journal.   You may think that you are grateful every day, so no need to put it in a journal.  Who needs to write it all down?  You're probably also thinking "I don't ...
Yup I really don't love the time change! Here at home we've just switched over to daylight savings time and lost one whole hour of sleep! Crazy right? And listening to the news last night so do 70 million other folks around our tiny planet.   So as I sit here having my second cup of coffee it is ...
Buying your first home is very exciting.  In fact, it’s really huge! But I believe that the decision to downsize, sell the family home, and live in something much, much smaller, is equally as exciting, if not more so.  The freedom to travel, indulge in your passions (like mine for golf) and heck,...

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