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Pat Hallesy's musings about the local real estate market, technology, and how agents can save money with free or low-cost tools.
  You’ve done your research into the competition. You’ve checked out the demographics of the area where you would like to locate your business. Your business plan is ready. You have your banker’s backing. You’re ready to grab a space and sign that lease, right? Wrong!  I would recommend that you ...
Where would you like to locate your business?  There are many factors you may wish to consider.  Are you just starting a business or are you relocating your existing business?  How much traffic will there be near your business? Is your business the destination or a stop along the way to someone’...
. . . since I logged in to blog.  Quite a while.  More than a year, as a matter of fact.  I guess it's easy to do if you don't put yourself on a schedule.  A lot of things have changed in that time - guess I now have plenty of things to write about.    First things first.  My main concentration i...
My poor AVERATEC C3500's CMOS battery (the one that keeps the clock, among other things, going while it's shut down) died several months ago.  I've had the computer more than three years, so I suppose I can't complain.  But I finally had it with resetting the date every time I turned it on, and i...
I realize that the more successful bloggers tend to blog daily.  But I do hate to sit down at the computer and start writing just to have a post that day.  For the most part, I'd rather wait until I have something to say that might be of use to someone.  My favorite of all the blogs I write are a...
I'll admit it.  I did it to myself.  As the pets got older I told the better half there'd be NO replacements when they were gone.  I should've known better.  Our two house rabbits (they were litter trained) died within a month of each other.  Our 12 year old dog started managing to be incontenant...
There's only so much advertising and so many signs (with balloons) that we can put out for an open house.  The people that are going to show up are the ones who will show up.  The big question for me was "How do i make them comfortable enought to look around with an open mind?"Of course I don't w...
Even though I get an email notice that my cellphone bill is ready to view online, I rarely do more than look at the total.  Somehow, it just doesn't make sense to try and read all 27 pages online.  I can't pick up the totals for one phone and look at the same area on the other phone's total.  So,...

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