A little motivation for those going thru hard times.  
Microsoft a couple days ago opened a new retail store. Their first in fact. And guess what it looks like? I'll help you: Apple. Yes, I just about fell out of my chair when I saw just how blatanly MS copied Apple retail store design. From the ceiling light layout, to the staff wearing showstring n...
In our short but accelerated--indeed, exponentially accelerated--technological growth, forms of communication are constantly evolving and changing, and for the most part, its wise to change with them, to adapt or be left behind with the relics. When the telegram was invented, I imagine that there...
I've been considering a podcast where I would read some real estate related news that pertains to our region. Do you think realtors would listen to this? I figure realtors are all too busy to read so why not make an audio of the real estate news! What do you think?
What I call virtual curb appeal is exactly that: curb appeal, virtually--that is, online. While agents are wise to stress the importance of physical curb appeal, how about the virtual kind? We know that most home buyers will start their research online, so what are we doing to differentiate ourse...
Marketing: Make a bad photo look good I just wanted to share with you realtors and stagers what can be done to existing photos. If you have an existing photo that needs work, let me know and I can help improve it for you. Here's a good example of what can be done (note that the photos below are p...
As a real estate photographer and videographer, I am shocked at just how many bad photos I see online, on MLS, of what people consider their biggest investment in their lives. What bothers me is that a chocolate bar company will spend millions on photos and videos to sell a $1 candy, but a homeo...
  I am proud to say that I am not the cheapest real estate photographer and videographer in Toronto. Absurd claim, right? Maybe not! I've learned through experience and market research that continually lowering prices results in continually lowered quality.  And, without a doubt, that’s what real...
Recently, after inquiring whether a realtor might want to try my video services for their listings, they told me that they prefer to do their videos themselves, and, oddly, they explained that they like their videos to be handheld, shaky, with an obvious amateur look to it. I immediately thought ...
  In my research, I come across many realtor websites that use nice, professional looking photos in their banners, advertising, etc. As a photographer and videographer in Toronto, when I see these I wonder whether they are actually the realtor's own photos, purchased, or stolen. Judging by the qu...

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