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If you are looking for a knowledgeable, focused and goal-oriented Realtor in the NW Florida area who will help you achieve your Real Estate goals, please reach out to me directly! If you are looking for a pet friendly Emerald Coast Realtor who can handle and sell the most difficult properties that no one else could, please reach out to me directly!! If you are considering buying or selling a home, a luxury home, luxury investment real estate, luxury vacation homes, or luxury beach properties in and along the Gulf Coast.



Peoples wants and desires with regards to homes are constantly changing.   It is much easier to look back and see what the trends have been over the lasy year rather than look forward to see what will happen in the future.  Here are a few items I have noticed in the Destin area with regards to Lu...
A few great tips here for improving your home  lifestyle.    Optimize Your Home For Health and Stress-free Living       It’s a well-known fact that our environment impacts the way we feel, act and think. I’m of the opinion (especially in this day and age) the home is the center and core for optim...
This is over one year old post but I visited this site recntly, they have a free two week trial and it seems to help greatly with social media posting, email marketing and print jobs as well.  Check it out and let me know youf thoughts.       Email Marketing is generally about as effective as col...
Hand written notes are a way to build any relationship and Real Estate is a relationship business. So many of you know that I own a real estate coaching company that serves Realtors all over North America. One of the keys to our success has always been my forward thinking but also my willingness ...
A great job explaining how to search for a home .  Very nice post and thanks for joining Active Rain. One question a Realtor® is asked often is how to find the perfect home. Finding the right place to call home is important for every buyer and it is a process that should not be rushed. It will ta...
Does anyone have any current experience with this service.  It seems like it might be useful.  This Blog is dated and nothing has shown up on my search yet.  thanks  Most real estate professionals like would say they get their appointments “by making calls,” either by themselves of by an Inside S...
Setting the asking price is one of the most important decisions you will ever make when you decide to sell your home.  Home buyers use a variety of ways to search for homes and typically a home that is over priced for the neighborhood is discarded with out a second look by any potential buyers.  ...
I do not have a crystal ball and my advice to everyone is having a crystal ball does not guarantee you really can predict what direction the real estate market will take in 2017.  We can only control what we know and understand and formulate predictions on those facts.  Today is Inauguration Day ...
This is a reblog from one year ago but it still is important this year even tho some of the items might not apply in your state or area of business.  The dreaded status update.  As agents, we always hope for the best and sometimes...we get the worst.  This was a WONDERFUL status update I received...
I have lived in this area most of my adult life and I am still amazed by the diversity of lifestyles avalable here.  I am fortunate to be "out in the community" as a realtor becasue this gives me the opportunity to find new places that would not have been discovered otherwise.  I grew up near the...

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