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Have you ever met an idiot that is more successful than you are? (We all have…) We all have, right? Frequently, when I am coaching, a client will say something along the lines of “I’m just as smart as (blank “guru” or this student who is experiencing some initial huge success), so why am I worki...
I just finished up my mentorship program, called the “Ultimate Apprenticeship Program”, where we take a group of 25 investors and take them by the hand and nose, and show them and give them our actual blueprint, on creating a successful home buying business.   After the class, my team and I sat ...
My team and I, just flew back into Fort Lauderdale from Windy, CHI-Town! What an event (Dan Kennedy’s 2007 Superconference), I actually got goose bumps and cried at the event. NO, I didn’t cry because someone took away my Dorito’s and Mountain Dew…(I can hear you cynics already) I would have a LA...
Bobby Brown, Paulie Shore, NBA & NFL Superstars, Gene Simmons, Ashton Kutcher…? Get ready for this posting! He is your friend Mike Perl, and he has gone where ONLY “Celebrities”, “Movies Stars” and “Sports Greats” have been… And NOW you get 1st Class Access! (because Mike appreciates your relati...
I’ll start off by saying, I LOVE 4 things in this world…. 1. Being an entrepreneur and living a life of financial freedom, and being able to not take crap from anyone … 2. I LOVE beautiful women. 3. I LOVE real estate and marketing (direct). 4. I LOVE Starbucks coffee. When some wanna-be, that ca...

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A blog dedicated to Real Estate Investing - Without any Fluff or BS.