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Mortgage and Lending - Branch Manager at FBC Mortgage, LLC - NMLS#469258
Mortgage interest rates are extremely low right now. From 30 year fixed Jumbo to FHA/VA!! If you have any past clients that you helped buy a home in the last 2 to 3 years lets give them a call and do a free mortgage analysis. Now is the time to take advantage and lock them in!! I can be reached a...
How many times have you heard co-workers complaining about the markets, or the lender, the title company etc??? In today's Real Estate environment there is no time or place for excuse makers, we need reason finders. I run into this at least 5 times per week when I am out in the field. It really ...
I remember how easy it was for loan officers to get new loans over the last couple of years. The phones would ring all day long with people looking to refinance. On some days you could take 10-20 loan applications!! Loan officers that really had no experience could do 20 loans a month. It sure is...
So I am in my second month on Active Rain and I am trying to make it RAIN! I know that in order to really make this work you need to do some basics, I was told about a webinar for blogging, and a bunch of other support tools. To be honest I have not had the time to go and do any of that yet, I ha...
Current listings???? If you are in the luxury home market then please read on. I have been specializing in jumbo financing for quite a while now, the rates on jumbo loans are great!!! To have a 30 year fixed jumbo loan under 6% is unreal!! the adjustable jumbo arms are even lower. If you are an a...
Okay, so I have only been a member of Active Rain for about a month, I am learning all about this blogging thing everyday. I am really wondering how some of these blogs get FEATURE BLOGS? I have seen some that are just a listing of a home?  and some that just talk about nothing? Not very interest...
I read a blog about this topic a few days ago, it made me really think......when do you say I'm going into foreclosure. I personally do not think it is acceptable at all to go into foreclosure unless there is some sort of tragic event. I can understand some situations, they lost their income, or ...
Having a great team that you work with, from the Tile Company to the Mortgage Lender you have to make sure you are working with people you are 100% confident will get the job done with the least amount of issues as possible. That kind of relationship is built over time, I am sure you have had goo...
If you are a Realtor in Oklahoma and you specialize in the luxury home market then I would really like to speak with you on the topic of Jumbo Financing. So many times I hear that potential buyers were hesitant to put offers in because they did not think they could get financing. My jumbo produc...
Well we have all been wondering when it would happen.......I believe the time is here. Rates are definitely on the upward move. Since the Feds are no longer purchasing mortgage backed securities they are left on their own. Pending home sales actually improved in Febuary by 8.2%, with all the talk...

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