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Mortgage and Lending - Branch Manager at FBC Mortgage, LLC - NMLS#469258
I posted about this new form of marketing last week and many Realtors have not heard of this as of yet. The majority of Realtors that have not heard of it showed an interest in learning more. There were some that thought it was intrusive and spam. I use it for my mortgage business to attract new ...
I came across this new technology a few weeks ago and jumped right on it. If you have not heard of Google's Nearby technology you have to stop and check this out. If you are in the Real Estate or Mortgage industry I will tell you to get this! I have had over 600 hits to my website in about 2 week...
This is just one of the areas where PrimeLending can help you sell more homes. If you are not familiar with renovation programs please message me for details. See below from our ActiveRain & PrimeLending webinar we had today. In this webinar, I am joined by Deric Barnett and David Ricci of Prime ...
I have been on AR for about 4 years off and on, I made it my mission to be the #1 Loan Originator in my state of Oklahoma. During one of my furloughs, I was by-passed by another originator. That inspired to me to get back on AR and start getting connected again. What I do not understand is why ar...
In the Real Estate industry we all know that we have to work weekends and sometimes late nights. What I do not understand and cannot believe is how many loan originators do not work on the weekends? How is this possible when that is the time our Realtors/Builders need us the most? Unless you are ...
PrimeLending has launched a great new tool for our referral partners! It is our new Mobile Partner App! This will keep you informed every-step of the loan process from application to funding. You will get push alerts when every milestone is reached in the file. Imagine after a busy day you can ta...
This has been coming up more and more as of late. Everyday I receive calls from potential homeowner's and they are "shopping rates". The first thing they ask me is what are your rates, how do I even answer that not knowing anything about their situation, such as credit score, income, debt ratio, ...
One of my favorite sales movies GlennGary Glenn Ross, Alec Baldwin said it best. Do you know what it takes to sell real estate? My answer is yes, a dedicated team all working towards the same result....a very happy client. I see many Realtors who do not have their team ready for each transaction....
Do you have a lender? Is that the question that Realtors/Builders are asking when they have a prospective client? If not then you had better stop what you are doing and read. In today's lending environment that question is one of the most important questions you have to ask when you are talking t...
In any given day I get asked the question "What are your rates today" and of course the answer is not as easy as they think. There are many factors that go into determining the interest rate they can qualify for. At PrimeLending we have a very unique program called our Float Down Option, this pro...

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