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GUIDE POSTS 1. Don’t forget to include what you love in your life before it’s over 2. Don’t let the twists and turns of the day get to you. Let the day’s concerns fall away from you like water off the back of a duck. 3. Remember all events will even out in the end. So don’t let your sense of inju...
   Imagine the time of the French revolution, the seemingly unapproachable power of the monarchy. The royal thrown of the sun kings, god on earth, and all his sisters and brothers and cousins and ants. They all seemed so impervious, so imperial and indeed they were. They were forever, except one ...
Don’t judge a book by its commission split.When looking to join a real estate office or franchise there is more to consider than just the commission split. The people you will be working with, the policies of the office, the extent and depth of coaching, training and general commitment to your su...
DO IT YOUR OWN WAYWe all like to do things our own way, in our own time, accountable to no one. Well two out of three isn't bad. Do it your own way, fine, as long as your own way works. Remember you don't have to reinvent the wheel and if you don't stay open to what others have to offer you may f...

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