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Scott thinks clearly and expresses himself well. He wrote a good post.  Though Lenn Harley makes a valid point (consumers may never see the baragain) I think that often they do as a transaction progresses - especially those that 'go sideways'.The subject of commissions, is one that is often discu...
I got the following from a big real estate franchise company website - it suggests that you should find an agent by looking for someone with a lot of signs in the area in which you want to buy:                                                             DO NOT DO THAT "3. If you've already determ...
I just read the first part of an article in Inman by Mary Umberger. The part I read was about some real estate 'team' of a guy named Creig Northrop. I almost broke out laughing.    The quote that prompted that was:  " I've seen jeans and shorts and, oh, my gosh, we don't allow that kind of thing....
Unless there is something I really consider 'for agent's eyes only' (Ex: lock box codes or owner phone numbers)  I have decided to make it a practice to give my clients a full agent copy of the MLS sheet -the one that discloses the "offer" of compensation.  After all, the seller has this informai...
Sellers: Your agent's 'offer' of compensation to a buyer's agent may not be accepted. This topic is rarely discussed because Realtors don't want it discussed. In brief, here is the typical situation. The seller's agent presents a listing agreement to the seller containing a compensation section ...
I went to the RE/ website today and clicked Real Estate101 in the learning center tab. I found this statement under tips for choosing a real estate agent (this is their suggestion for both sellers AND buyers): "If you've already determined where you'd like to live, drive through neighborho...
The following text is provided in the 'Buyer's Guide' "Making an Offer"  information section on the website: "After helping you think through the issues to determine the best offer for you to make at the time, your Sales Associate is well qualified to negotiate on your behalf with yo...
  Sometimes buyers - and sellers too, forget that they control the transaction.  Some agents forget that too.  I've heard agents say they 'have their client under control'.  If everyone is doing their job that is NOT the way it works.  Agents are guides, advisors and advocates for their clients (...
Please destroy your fax machine and never use it again. Ever! I am sooo serious. I hate fax machines. I don't own one and neither should you. If you must use 'fax' get an efax (or similar ) number already. I don't have a fax number on my business card for one simple reason - I DON'T WANT YOU TO S...
  "Open House Weekend", be it national, state, local or otherwise is an opportunity for home buyers to get out and see some homes they might not otherwise look at.  It is also an opportunity for some less than ethical agents to trap buyers'. Lets face it, it is rare that an open house results in ...

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