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Information on market area and general real estate information for home buyers from the perspective of an exclusive buyer agent.
 If you are an agent you know that some buyers take longer than others to look at a house.  Also, that some homes (a condo) take less time to look at than others (say a six bedroom victorian fixer upper).  Some buyers have to get the feel for the house. They want to stay around and discuss how th...
Fannie Mae recently issued new rules for declining markets. See: If your client happens to be buying a home in a "declining market" designated area with a 5% down mortgage product they may suddenly find that the...
   Often  HUD and VA  foreclosures are a good deal but they should be looked at with a  critical eye.  Lots of buyers are ready to pounce on them without looking at other homes on the market...Just because someone got foreclosed and the government ended up with the home does not mean it is a good...
There seems to be confusion between Listing office to seller issues (a listing ageement with a beginning and ending date and an agreed upon compensation amount)Buyer to seller issues: (beginning with an offer to sell by the seller and then an offer to buy from a buyer)Buyer Broker to buyer issue...
I just read an article at about a guy that listed a fix up property. He said "There was no point trying to cover up anything, so I didn’t try."  He decided to be "brutally honest" in his marketing basically because he saw no other options. When asked what he learned from the transacti...
In preparing to show homes I generally give my client a copy of the listing sheet, the tax recored, the tax history and whether or not it is in a flood zone. All that is easily available on TREND (our MLS system). When I have it I also give a copy of the seller disclosure. These things are helpf...
 I hear a lot of Realtors say that all of their clients or customers become their friends. That makes me feel a little antisocial. I don't HAVE that many friends. Heck, I don't even want that many.  Some of my clients I wouldn't want as friends even though I think they are nice people. That said...
I have a small real estate office and I’m thinking of adding another (full time) agent. I am NOT looking for someone to train that is just out of school. Ideally this person would have at least 5 years of experience in South Jersey real estate (that does not mean just 5 years holding a license). ...
 Here is an article from the Courier Post, a South Jersey newspaper.  I can post it because I wrote it.  If the courier hadn't printed it I was thinking of sending to a newswire but that is a bit expensive.  When the Courier printed it they did remove the last 3 sentences and took the word "Home"...

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