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Playing music off the deck of your vacation rental home Plugging in to your Ipod as you walk Rocking out to music in your car Elevator music Music floating across the lake from your boat Ambiance music as you grocery shop The car blasting rap as it drives by, shaking the windows See a theme here?...
The Los Angeles Times just published some valuable information for prospective home buyers.  The tips are worth adopting in the search for that dream home. Once a buyer has made the decision to initiate the search for their perfect home, consider it a priority and a commitment. A quick way to ens...
When reading all of the opinions expressed about our economy, the purported challenges are formidable...if not down right depressing.  This morning alone I have read such phrases as "most of us are worse off than three years ago"," ...we are in for another year of tough times" and "the Great Depr...
I don't know about you, but I love charts, graphs and statistics.  It is an easy way to get an overall view of what is happening in the real estate industry.  The new National Association of REALTORS survey just came out, so I thought I would share a few of the more interesting stats. 10 Years - ...
I'm a little cracked; there are a few chips.  I've been knocked around quite a bit of late.  However, I am whole on the inside.  I am still growing and doing what I need to do to become what I was meant to be. My country is in the same state of affairs. The government is cracked and almost broken...
Every once in a while we meet someone who inspires us to do our best.  I have found this to be true more often than not with clients who truly need my expertise and use it.  Conversely, I have had clients who, while they profess to need my professional input, believe that they know better. The ph...
I don't know how the elections are going in your state, but in the mess that is California, they are heated and mean.  We teach our children to behave better than these "politicians"...and I use this term in the most uncomplimentary of ways. What is really irking me this election year as compared...
....that is the first thing that was uttered out of our mouths as we saw dust, crumbs, dirt and who knows what else fly out of our keyboard! So, my fellow drips...take action!  Avoid the most disgusting thing you have ever seen before it is too late!  Take your compressed gas canister, point it d...
I don't remember when I first met Ash, probably because I was about 5 years old.  At that age, all I can recall are impressions.  I was convinced that he was my "Norm" of Cheers.  He welcomed me, he talked to me and he made me feel like I was the only customer he had. Oh, did I mention that Ash, ...
I am writing this from the perspective of a California Realtor, since I know that this applies in my may not in others, so read your contract. There are essentially 2 different kinds of negotiations that take place during an escrow.  The first is the negotiation of the contract itself....

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