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Yup...that's what I was...a muddy mess!  However, I sure had fun gettin there! Yesterday was the annual Doggy Dash - a fundraiser for the local SPCA.  Under normal circumstances, it would have been a sunny, beautiful June day.  Unfortunately, our weather has been anything but normal, so despite t...
The rumors have been running rampant for years.  Trader Joes was it's favorite topic, but there were others.  The eyesore of Land Park and South Land Park sat on the corner of Sutterville Road and Land Park Drive.  LaBou and Parkside Pharmacy did their best to improve it's patronage and appearanc...
In a New York Times article today, a gentleman was quoted as saying "I have flirted with buying again many times over the past few years.  Let's face it; people are not rational creatures." It goes on to say "But he always resists, figuring housing is still overpriced, and even when it stops decl...
She is claiming to read...until it comes to a number...then she has to count the mushrooms.   You promise the ride is easy...until it comes to the 90 foot drop that you hadn't remembered.  You start out with the challenge of a mile...and then realize that 3 miles has become easy.  You come home t...
I just read an article in Realtor Magazine that made me feel so validated.  Let me first say, in the interest of full disclosure, that I am a native Sacramentan and proud of it!  I don't mind the labels of Cowtown, Sacratomato or any of the other "hick town" labels that have been attached to my h...
I was standing in my closet deciding what shoes to wear.  That's how this post began. We had remodeled our master suite several years ago and in the process gained a walk-in closet.  I was marveling at how much I still enjoyed that privilege.  From there the thought process went to how silly it i...
I attended a real estate expo on Wednesday.  It had a plethora of featured speakers with no shortage of topics on how to create more business.  Much of the recommendations included calling as many people as possible in a few hours time.  We were told to commit to calling for at least an hour to 3...
Nope...not kidding! In a world that accepts tossing all things no longer needed as long as it is recycled, what happened to shoe polish? I know... a strange affiliation, so let me explain. My experience in 6th grade was dominated by the fact that I had to wear oxford shoes.  You know...the ones t...
Be sure to put March 16th, 2011 on your calendar!  Land Park Community Associationwill be hosting its annual membership meeting on that night at Eskaton Monroe Lodge at 3225 Freeport Blvd.  Starting at 6:30, the members will be updated on current issues facing our neighborhood and get an opportun...
The Sacramento River Stakeholder Advisory Group, in which I participated as the Land Park Community Association representative, concluded its eight-month long series of meetings in December with a recommendation that not one, but two new bridges are needed in Sacramento. Working with consultants ...

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