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You have decided to sell your home and are looking for that perfect Realtor that will create the perfect storm of a high price, a quick sale and a smooth escrow.  Many agents will tout their ability to do exactly this combination. However, the perfect listing Realtor does not act alone.  A truly ...
It is becoming very apparent why every Sacramento neighborhood needs advocates to maintain and improve their community in a thoughtful and intelligent way.  Tonight the Land Park Community Association heldtheir February public meeting.  Several upcoming challenges to the neighborhood were brought...
California Middle School is in the heart of Land Park.  It is a microcosm of Sacramento which was deemed by Time Magazine the "Most Diverse City in America".  Almost 70% of its students receive some type of assistance in the form of free or reduced lunches.  It blends near equal parts of African...
We in Land Park are very fortunate to have the Regional Zoo right here in our neighborhood.  They are wonderful neighbors and a real asset to our community.  They are constantly offering events to promote the zoo, so I thought I would give you an update on the upcoming events you might want to ta...
We are hearing the whispers "The housing market is recovering"!   In our area, we believe this to be particularly true.  Sacramento was one of the first to feel the meltdown, so naturally, we would be one of the first to see some hope of recovery.  Now the question becomes, what, exactly, does th...
I heard this on Face the Nation.  Bob Schieffer said he didn't know where it came from to give credit.  Any way you look at it though, it is so worth remembering! If dogs could give us a few life lessons, here is what some of them would be: Always run to greet loved ones when they come home. Neve...
Amber is pregnant!  Now, you might wonder who Amber is and why this is such a monumental occasion.  Amber is a Giant Anteater and her little bundle of joy will be the first anteater to be born at the Sacramento Zoo.  Look for the birth announcement coming in early April.  If you want to learn mor...
Land Park is nestled just south of downtown Sacramento.  It boasts a very active neighborhood association -Land Park Community Association - that has gone through some significant changes, including a board of 15, of which only 3 were returnees.  It was a sign of the hope the neighborhood had to ...
I always have to giggle just a little when people tell me that they are considering going into real estate because they "love looking at houses".  If only that is all we do...or even a majority of what we do!  So, to give some perspective, I thought I would share what a normal day for a Realtor c...
We hear all of the normal precautions...protect your social security number, be aware of the red flags that go up when you receive unusual phone calls, don't leave outgoing mail in your mailbox. However, I just completed a Fraud and ID Theft class.  It was truly an eye-opener.  This specialist me...

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