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This economy affects us all in one way or another.  Jobs are lost, salaries are cut, home values go down and uncertainty reigns. In planning for our eventual retirement, many of us included our homes in that equation.  At some point in time, we would become empty nesters, no longer requiring the ...
I wrote a previous post about our company (Dunnigan, REALTORS) leaving Windermere Real Estate in order to return to our independent roots.  This weekend, we are going to show off just how strong we are! This Sunday afternoon, we are going to inundate the neighborhoods we specialize in with open h...
You have decided that it is the right time to put your home on the market...there has been a job change, there is a new little one joining the family, the kids have left the nest, etc.  By far and away, no doubt about it, the most important first step is bringing the right Realtor into the fray. ...
For the last is NOT for rent!  Don't send your checks to Africa!  My seller is not temporarily living in Africa.  Even though the e-mail address is his name and his name is at the bottom of the letter, he did not write it!  Yes, the rental amount quoted is a steal...and the person colle...
I am not a fan of Zillow or Redfin, but I also can't ignore them.  Why? My clients use them and then call me to tell me what they want to see!  So, I am aware of them, have to refute them sometimes and sometimes I just get a good giggle when their "Zestimate" is off by hundreds of thousands. Howe...
Since 1968, we have been a family run business known as Dunnigan, Realtors.  We are truly a family, placing more emphasis on new agents fitting in than increasing the bottom line.  The owners don't have their own offices...their desks are right among the desks of the Realtors.  Uniquely, we compl...
When I was in my immortal teens, the aging process just never was part of my world. I was quite sure I was going to be young forever....was there any other possibility? No way!   When I was in my ideal twenties, aging was a remote possibility, but way too far off to even consider the fact that it...
The real estate industry really is a unique animal.  In what other industry is it considered perfectly acceptable to ask a complete stranger "How much do you owe on your home?" or "How much can you afford to spend on your home?"?  It is usually asked with a little more tact, but the inquiry is st...
I was raised in a sport-centered family.  Football, baseball and basketball dominated the television.  If my family wasn't watching it, my brother was playing it.  When he got too old, his sons took over the spotlight and so the torch was passed. By sheer chance, my children were introduced to so...
This weekend is going to be beautiful! After an eternity of cooler weather and rain, Sacramento is overdue for some warmer weather and this weekend promises to be it! Along with the warm weather comes the beach lovers.  Sacramento has no shortage of beaches.  We are a river city with the American...

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