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If you have not heard, the latest Dodd-Frank law will go into affect on August 1st.  As with most new Dodd--Frank laws, the details are still being worked out.  Right now, here are the sketchy details: Prior to loan docs being drawn, there will be an automatic 3 business day period where NOTHING ...
As a Realtor, I love having my sign up on a property!  It tells much more than just the fact that this property is for sale.  It tells all those who see it that I am in the business. They cause my phone to ring with buyers interested in the property.   HOWEVER... Signs tell a much bigger story th...
Some of you may have heard that California is in the midst of an extreme drought  or maybe you are experiencing it with us.  I wish we had some of the snow the East Coast is experiencing. I don't really love the drought as much as I love one of the results of the drought.  Our plants and flowers ...
We had an estate planner speak at our weekly Regional Meeting hosted by the Sacramento Association of Realtors.  He had some great things to share that I thought I would pass on! Due to California State law, everyone has an estate just may not be what you ultimately desire.  Remember - ...
 I grew up in South Land Park Terrace...about a quarter mile from Land Park.  In 1979 I moved to Land Park and have lived in the same house since.  My husband and I raised our three children here.  They all now live either in Land Park or South Land Park Terrace!  Why do we love Land Park? Maybe ...
I recently received a phone call from a woman who had read an ad for a listing I have.  I had to tell her it was already sold, and explained that I have to turn in the ad 30 days before it comes out.  It had sold 3 days after it came on the market with multiple buyers and over the asking price. H...
A local high-end neighborhood newspaper was issued this weekend.  I didn't need to know their schedule to know that it had come out - I knew by the number of calls I received about an affordable listing that I had.  To most, this would be great.  However, with all things great, it takes time to i...
When you are considering purchasing a home, there are two key factors that can make or break your experience.  The first is your Realtor.  This should be a person you connect with and trust implicitly.  They should be a person who knows the neighborhood in which you want to live.  While you might...

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