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I'm grumpy...or maybe anxious is a better description.  I am on my way to get a biopsy on my throid.  I am not a nervous person, but this type of thing always makes me a bit cloudy.  On top of that, I am thinking about our family business.  We get along very well, but as in any family business, t...
I am a big believer in volunteering...I have spent a good portion of my adult life donating my time to causes I believe in.  I admire people who do way more than I ... their giving is impressive.  There is just one caveat to this...if you are volunteering your time to teach, educate or pass on yo...
the electrical cable was supported from a shed to the house by a tree...doesn't seem quite right the buyer purchased her next door neighbors house directly...and thought she was getting a deal the buyer was an insurance agent and held her real estate license...a presumption of knowledge the purc...
It use to be you would go home and check your mail...once a day...that was it.  I admit, I love checking the mail.  I just keep waiting for that million dollar gift check someone mails me! Now, with e-mail, I find myself checking for mail WAY too often.  I leave my screen on Outlook.  I glance ev...
This will be brief, but worth sharing. Tuesday night I met with some first time home buyers to chat about their dreams, their plans and the home buying process.  I let them in on a few expectations without overwhelming them.  They are excited and eager to start the process.  One thing I always sh...

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