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How many times have the words "It's a great time to buy" been said?  More than any of us can fathom.  Is it true?  For those who are considering purchasing, the answer is a resounding "YES".  Having said this, if the decision is to purchase, then commit to it.  Put your heart and soul into it.  P...
I am been fortunate to be with a company whose priority is teaching and maintaining the highest ethical and moral standards.  In our world, there is no gray...only because if there is gray, we side on the side of doing what is right...even if that means stepping up financially. Certainly, as a co...
I was struck by an article I just read in Inman News.  It was speaking of the need to adapt to new technology.  One agent said that they were sold on electronic signatures because their client didn't want the agent to come to their house.  This speaks volumes about the changes in our industry. We...
  Please pass this on to everyone!!!!!!!!! 47 of my addresses received this - that means if everyone just sent it out to 10 people in 8 mailings you would have 470,000,000 people in the united states with this knowledge.  Do it before they shut down the internet.  Ps. I know, I know the United St...
For a change, the Sacramento City Council finally got it right!  After heavy lobbying by the Land Park Community Association, the Broadway Partnership, the Land Park Volunteer Corp and both Land Park and Southside neighborhoods, the city council made a major step towards a Sacramento River crossi...
The first time I heard about Angie's List, it was from a client.  Interestingly, he was telling me that he no longer is going to subscribe to Angie's List....he is just going to go on my website.  Don't worry...this is not about my website. What it is about is Angie's List. I am now seeing nation...
In a time when jobs are an envied commodity, when "upside down" has taken on a scary and all new meaning, when retirement has adopted a new horizon and a college education carries with it no guarantees, there is a silver lining. These economic times have forced, at the very least, a review of how...

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