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Breaking very aware of lead-based paint requirements regarding buyers responsibilities.  At the present time, if a buyer is bidding for a HUD home and getting FHA financing, they are required to get a lead-based paint inspection on homes older than 1978.  Now, this is not the "scrape a...
I am writing this post in response to a Forbes article about the most miserable cities in the nation...and Sacramento was on their list.  Sacramento has several aliases - some fun, some accurate. We are: The River City Camellia City Cowtown Sacratomato City of Trees We are the "River City" becaus...
I heard about the article in Forbes Magazine from Facebook.  Sacramento ranks 5th on a scale of misery cities.  Supposedly this was based on unemployment and real estate sales.  To say it was an insult is putting it lightly.  I was crushed that my home from birth was described so inaccurately. My...
Before there was Raleys...before there was Target...before there were homes galore... there was.... Horseback riding in Land Park and on Del Paso Boulevard.  This is evidenced by an old copy of "Hoofbeats", an equestrian periodical published in 1942.  Here is an excerpt of a column titled "Where ...

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