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Sellers are very savvy these days.  They understand the essential process of interviewing Realtors and getting referrals from friends and family.  Sellers are getting better about understanding the critical decision to work with an Realtor who works and understands their neighborhood.  The messag...
With the voluminous paperwork created in any escrow, it is easy to miss the little things....and the little things can cost exhorbitant amounts of money.  Here are a few things you may want to check: Does your fax machine and computer have the right day and time? This becomes vital when 2 contrac...
Ahh...the weighing of the pros and cons has finally come to a head.  There are no more excuses...just choices. Do we keep our less-than-hip Droid/Blackberry/whatever even though we can appear so much more with-it by purchasing the IPhone?  I mean, we no longer have the excuse that reception and d...
We are here to be used and taken advantage of...the moment you decide that you want us to represent you. There is an assumption among Realtors that if you have decided to have representation...and even better yet, have us represent you, then you felt that you did not have the expertise to accompl...
Playing music off the deck of your vacation rental home Plugging in to your Ipod as you walk Rocking out to music in your car Elevator music Music floating across the lake from your boat Ambiance music as you grocery shop The car blasting rap as it drives by, shaking the windows See a theme here?...
The Los Angeles Times just published some valuable information for prospective home buyers.  The tips are worth adopting in the search for that dream home. Once a buyer has made the decision to initiate the search for their perfect home, consider it a priority and a commitment. A quick way to ens...

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