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Looking for a great family oriented swim and tennis club with a great swim team at a reasonable price? Our kids have outgrown the swim team and we would like to pass on our membership to another Land Park family.  The cost of the membership is only a $650 initiation fee with monthly dues of $95. ...
I blogged everyone on Tuesday, letting them know about the next Land Park Community Association meeting on Wednesday night.  It has taken me this long to absorb it and get my thoughts about it in order. The meetings are always "interesting", and this one did not disappoint!  The people that are o...
Okay, I'm guilty...I am not writing about some big incident with a big cat.  What I am writing about is cars.  I just thougth I could get your attention that way! ;)Our transportation tells our clients a lot about us.  It is our office away from the office.  If you are like me, you carry a couple...
Now, you might think I am writing about some horrendous, sneaky real estate deal.  Nope...I am writing about the dive's dive.  And yes...I do mean a bar.  While this establishment is not exactly in my farm area, I have grown up driving by The Trap almost daily.  If you were ever intimidated to go...
This is for you don't need to read any further unless you are just curious. In the California Association of Realtors purchase contract, there are the little boxes to check to tell who is paying for what.  On page 2, paragraph 4, one of these choices the buyers can make is who i...
For those Land Park residents that want to keep up with the latest "goings on" in Land Park, Land Park Community Association invites us all to attend their next meeting, August 20th at 6:30 at Holy Spirit School. These meetings are always informative, interesting and a little rambunctous.  The fi...
Our regional representative met with all of the owners and announced..."we are here, so we have survived the market".  Well, that was true!  We had hit bottom and survived to tell about it. But now, we are hearing of way too many of our reliable, established service providers having to call it qu...
Trey just wrote about local markets...and I have to share with you a remarkable market in the Land Park neighborhood.  I think it has been around as long as I have (at least 56 years).  It is truly a neighborhood market.  Taylors can't be any bigger than 1500 square feet and that inludes the back...
I had written a blog earlier about a house that has mold and how the inspector was somewhat suspect.  Well, you can't believe what happened next! I arrived at the house to meet the 2nd mold inspector. The listing agent was there and I could hear her talking on the phone.  The sprinklers were on, ...
I should have known better...I even blogged that Spiderman was going to be at the Sacramento Zoo on August 2nd.  Then, for some unknown reason, I decided to take my 21 month old grandaughter to Fairytale Town on August 2nd. Mind you, these two attractions share parking opportunities.  Now, who wo...

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