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For those who love our "cowtown" label and those who love to is your opportunity to do both!  The date is October 5th and 7:30 AM at William Land Park.  Just google Sacramento Cowtown Marathon and sign up! Who has more fun than Sacramentans?!!
Do you have a favorite place in the park, but it needs a little TLC?  The Land Park Community Association is in the process of talking with park officials to compile a "Top 25" list of volunteering opportunities in Land Park. Here is your chance to give back to a park that gives Land Park and all...
The Land Park Community Association is going to speak with the city council regarding the disappearance of our geese.  Not only have the geese been disappearing, but it seems that people are fishing without a license and leaving lines and hooks that geese and ducks are getting injured in.  The as...
And the answer in the article is yes!  The general consensus for the Sacramento region is that while we were the first to be hit with this market, we are also leading the way in recovering.  I have written several blogs that reflected my belief that in the stronger areas, we have stabilized.  It'...
The Sacramento Bee just came out with a list of the "good, bad and ugly" ratings of Sacramento from every source you wouldn't have thought of.  I found it funny and interesting, so thought I would share it with those who didn't get a chance to see it.  I would love to share just the good, since I...
Remember the market that had homes selling without spending most of your commission promoting them?  There was a time when if the home was priced right, was in good condition and was in a good location, it would sell relatively quickly...come on, I know you remember those days!Well, our office's ...
If you have been watching the new small mall on Sutterville and Freeport, you may have noticed the leased signs in the window.  Well, in the Sacramento Bee this morning it was announced that besides Kinkos, there will be a new upscale pet shop known as Pet Extreme.  This is a new market for the 7...
Some might question the wisdom in opening a new real estate office in a market that is seeing declining Realtors and offices.  However, I would like to commend Tad Thompson and wish him luck!  He saw the need for an upscale real estate office in the area he works.  He chatted with a few other age...
Many of you responded to my last post about being a horrid mess while working in my front yard and having a person stop and chat. They had revealed that they were trying to decide whether to sell their house or not and I didn't have the nerve to tell them this mess of a person in front of them wa...
We do all of the planning we can; put our assets in a trust, spend and plan wisely for taxes, make a very  detailed will and tell our loved ones what we want when we are no longer here.  We think we have taken care of every detail.  Until it happens...a loved one passes away and leaves another lo...


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