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Well, if you live in Sacramento and you haven't , you live in a cabin with no power. This has been hyped more than Star Wars was in it's day!Interstate 5, going from southern California and ending at the Canadian border is closing down for 6 weeks (intermittent openings and one lane openings). Ca...
My mother has been in the business since 1969. She bought out the owner in the 1990 and opened a second office in 1991.  My husband got his license in 1980 as an agent and is now  the General Manager. I got both my license and brokers license in 1995. My youngest daughter is pregnant with her 2nd...
I was watching TV and was astounded to learn of the latest gimmic to sell a home!  I believe this was happening in Florida.  The buyers had two choices of ways to save money.  One was a 10 day sale.  For 10 days only, one broker drastically reduced the list price of  homes.  After 10 days, they w...
After an earlier blog that said Sacramento is the 5th worst market in the nation, this is GREAT news! Kiplingers Personal Finance magazine based their decision by weighting the "size and growth prospects of a citys "creative class" - people working in technology, the arts, education, business and...
I have heard good and bad about auctioning your property.  Most of what I hear is that there certainly is no guarantee that there is an accepted offer at the end of the still has to go back to the lender for approval.  I have heard that they end up usually going quite a bit over the ...
I just wanted to share a story that even I find amazing. I ordered a whole bunch of those refridgerator thingies that list information like measurement conversions, how to fold an American flag, and other stuff.  On the back were instructions on how to do the Heimlick maneuver.  I mailed them to ...
Some banks have a new strategy to sell their REO's...and it's working! They get their BPO, price the property 10% below the estimated value and wait for the bidding war.  They usually get their price and then some because most become a multiple offer situation.  To add to this, if they get a bett...
I was just chatting with one of our agents...she is so frustrated, she doesnt' know where to turn. She just had another buyer, who is in escrow with an REO, call her to see if she could show them another property that "they like better".  What do you say to these buyers?  As we all know, being in...
Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go. (William Feather)  Is the market bad?  Nope - we just hit bottom and it's going to start improving soon.  Are loans difficult? Nope - we are just requiring that borrowers will be able to keep their home for the foreseeab...
Okay, is it just our imagination, or does it seem that every time a vacation is planned, that's when we get the buyers call and want to view property, you finally get an offer on a property you have had for 2 months, a home inspection goes haywire...well, you get the idea! I think I...


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