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Oregon Realtor Todd Clarke and I have never met, but through AR he has shown me the way to a fabulous new marketing vehicle I think is my new best friend...or is Todd my new best friend for showing it to me? Hmmmm...Anyway, I want to share with you. Perhaps you are already familiar with what can ...
I am absolutely amazed that I have grown my staging business as far as I have owning a Volkswagon Jetta. The commercials ARE right showing how much cargo can fit into the little bugger. It is so funny to hear what people think when I pull up and pop out two six foot trees and several big plastic ...
MOOD ENHANCERS IN A WHITE WORLDSo its white white white and Mr. & Mrs. Sellers say they won’t paint a thing? Add sizzle with décor and art in warm monochromatic color schemes that use three colors directly next to each on the on the color wheel – in this case yellow, yellow-orange and orange for ...
Paint Exterior or Replace Blue Carpeting?Languishing on the market, the vacant home has been staged with minimalist vignettes and I have recommended any budget go toward changing the worn and dated blue carpeting on main floor and second floor. Instead, 3 months after the vignetting was installed...
Let's talk about insurance for rented furniture that sits in a property for sale.In the state of Oregon, stager's  insurance is not adequately covering a serious source of potential loss. We can buy coverage for everything but THEFT BY MYSTERIOUS ENTRY. That means if there are no signs of a break...

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A Gallery of Staged Homes