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THE ILLUSIVE BUYER...I don't know about you but I am finding that the whole real estate market has changed in the last year or so. Not just the attitude of buyers and sellers but the whole way of doing business has changed.It is like the Jeanie is out of the bottle and anything goes with buyers a...
STATE OF THE MARKET …ONE YEAR AND COUNTING     Hampton real estate has had several really good years since the 2008 housing crash and the recession that followed. The years of 2013 and 2014 saw record sales and price increases that brought us back to the 2006-2007 levels. Buyers and homeowners ne...
THE ILLUSIVE SUCCESS OF OPEN HOUSES--WHY DO THEM THEN?   I keep hearing from my fellow agents that they don't do open houses anymore because they find them to be unattended and basically unsuccessful....so I decided to step back for a while to see what can happen if I don't do open houses for my ...
The Changing Landscape In Brokerage...A Permanent trend?When I started out in real estate 22 years ago, there were some of the most professional agents in the business working in this profession. At least that is the way it appeared to me at the time. I started out in New York City which was very...
A MAJOR SHIFT IN NORMAL SUMMER VACATION MONTHS? Last year about this time, I was asking myself and my fellow agents what was going on? The rental market had been so quiet that it was like the dead of winter traffic-wise right up until Memorial Day here! Hamptons Summer rentals traditionally rent ...
Flint: "...Anger beyond words for all who live here and can't get out!"I wrote this blog post below the other day, after I heard from my sister from her trip to Flint to see our brother who lives there and who is so sick from drinking the water in Flint for about a year.I just saw a post she wrot...
CANARY IN A COAL MINE.....FLINT MICHIGAN....Many of you may know from my blogging here on AR that I am originally from Michigan---I moved from Flint Michigan to New York city in the 80's and then the Hamptons in the late 90's.When I was living in Flint, Michigan there were 200k in population. Aft...
Overpricing: A Dilemma For Both Agent And Seller?(This   inspired by Jamey Prizzi:  Is Testing The Market With a Higher Price A Good Strategy? ) Overpricing is the number one deal killer in the Hamptons---We are a second home marketplace that is driven many times by impulse and thus the idea that...
Explosive New Development in Southampton Village, NYA BUCOLIC SUMMER HAVENThose who have lived in the Hampton's for the past 25 years or more know that Southampton Village is very quietly the preferred place to live. It’s the only Hampton built right on the ocean and it is in close proximity to 9...
 Finding a Big Payoff For Your Local Knowledge.... As real estate professionals we all know the tremendous value of knowing what is good in your marketing area and what you find the public needs to know about if they decide to buy  and live in your niche area. I have spoken to so many of my fello...

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