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DO YOU HAVE A LIFE GUIDE FOR SUCCESS??"Today is the first day of your life as a SUCCESSFUL real estate agent."Even though we  think we know we are successful, until we really look at our situation and evaluate it in truth, it is very hard to say that to oneself.I am telling you that I have a guid...
WHAT ARE YOU FINDING IN YOUR LUXURY MARKETS...SLOW, PICKING UP OR DEAD?With the push and pull of the various financial market trends it is hard to get a bead on just what the real estate market in the Hamptons will be doing in the next quarter---or the 2017 summer market, which by all standards i...
"WHAT IS YOUR INTENT?" Something To Think About For 2017"DON'T PAINT SOMEONE WITH A BROAD BRUSH UNTIL YOU KNOW THEIR INTENTION!!"  I was watching an opinion piece on TV about how the media is examining the use of the word "Lie" or "Liar" when it comes to talking about a public figure, namely, a p...
THE FALL FROM GRACESomewhere between the early years of the real estate business and today, the once well respected and even admired real estate agent has fallen from grace.Somehow our profession has hit the bottom of the scale measuring the most trusted and the least respected of most profession...
A REAL ESTATE EVOLUTION OR REVOLUTION??When I started out in real estate 20 years ago, there were some of the most professional agents in the business. At least that is the way it appeared to me at the time. I started out in New York City which was very different than any other housing market, ve...
DO YOU HAVE A "GO TO" GUIDE FOR YOUR REAL ESTATE ISSUES??When I have a problem with my business I sometimes have to get outside help. Outside help is NOT easy to find. I don't like to burden my family and friends with these issues--they can get as upset as I am by the problems that come up, and I...
 ARE YOU DOING ENOUGH FOR YOUR BUYERS AND SELLERS?I have always prided myself on my follow-up and follow-through with my past buyers and sellers. It has paid off big time and it has given me a big opportunity each time I communicate with them--I get more referralls from my buyers and sellers than...
WHAT DO YOU THINK 2017 WILL BRING FOR REAL ESTATE??  Have you been busy this Fall/winter? I have, and I hear we have another record setting quarter for 2016. Following the 1st and 2nd quarter's record sales, it is hard to believe that we will have more of the same for 2017 but with optimism at an...
REAL ESTATE *DABBLERS: A NEW MARKET DRIVER FOR 2017?When the real estate market dropped dead in 2009 there were no risk takers, or Dabblers in real estate out there buying up real estate--at least here in the Hamptons.These buyers,  whom I will call Dabblers have been more negatively affected by ...
 "MASSIVE OVERHAUL" OF NEW YORK STATE FIRE CODEAs of October 3, 2016 New York State has made a major change in their required egress window code for lower levels or basement living spaces in private residences .These changes will make a significant increase in building costs for new builds and ne...

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