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DISRUPT THE DISRUPTOR...This is the second post in as many days about the things we NEED to do in real estate, given the state of affairs. Please know that we CAN take back our reputations and our professional status from those who want to destroy us!A Disruptor comes along when complacency sets ...
THAT WAS THEN; THIS IS NOW!Today, we are living in a world of fast moving parts.If we can't keep up with the whole pace that we are witnessing as we move further into this new (newer) century, we are doomed to failure....scary thought, no?We need a new way of doing business and marketing ourselve...
WHAT TO DO TO MAKE YOUR HOUSE SELL FASTER FOR MORE $ There are 3 simple things to do to to make sure that you get a fast sale at the highest price possible on your property, no matter where you live: Price it right--and I mean it must be in the range of where the last property sold in your area, ...
SOUTHAMPTON NEW YORK--FOR THE NON-CELEBRITYI have been wanting to write this post for a very long time---The whole celebrity craze out here in the Hamptons has made for another sort of experience for the average person who lives here, and the person who seeks out relaxation and anonymity during t...
"RESIST" BIG HOUSES--IS THIS A TREND??Just recently, I had a conversation with one of my buyers regarding how big a house she wanted to buy...she really didn't know how big, but she wanted "BIG".She says that her friends all had these huge houses and she didn't want to appear like she skimped whe...
BLOGGING: A WAY TO CAPTURE WHAT YOU THOUGHT YOU HAVE, BUT DON'T!!Unfortunately, we are seeing the result of what Zillow and StreetEasy have done to our profession.  They have taken our valuable content and made a monumental fortune off our hard work and our time and in the process getting the be...
WHERE DID I PUT MY ELEPHANT??Thanks to Praful Thakkar and his re-blog of my original post "HOW DO YOU EAT AN ELEPHANT???", I have decided it is time to take another look at my marketing approach and my strategies for finding new business for 2018! Thank you Praful!!!The re-blog was so timely, eve...
DID YOU SURVIVE THE "BOMB CYCLONE??"With the 16" of snow that we just got and with the temps now hovering around 0 degrees every day here in Southampton, I must say I am very happy I grew up in Michigan!I spoke to a friend today and she told me how she fared during the "Bomb Cyclone". She lives i...
THE SLEDEarly childhood memories almost always come back to us in our adulthood. Sometimes they nurture us when we need that; sometimes they haunt us until we find a resolution. I saw the way this works, the stark realities of early trauma when I got to know a dear friend who lives here. I had an...
WHEN A FELLOW RAINER LEAVES US...I just went back to read all the comments on the very last post that Lou Ludwig wrote here on AR Maximizing Your Resources To Maximize Your Life...  and I can not help but express my thoughts about the man who wrote a post or 2 or 3 every day here on Activerain!He...

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ActiveRain has become my home away from home; it is a place that I have grown to respect and appreciate as an open forum for real estate professionals and the public; a place to advertise and speak your mind on many subjects, ESPECIALLY real estate. It is rare that we are given the chance to talk openly to the public or even our fellow associates...this is THE PLACE!....WELCOME TO MY BLOG