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REALTOR.COM VS. ZILLOW.COM--AN EPIC BATTLE??I will make this post very brief--There is already too much talk and not enough action going on in our industry about the likes of Realtor.com and Zillow and how they are ravaging the brokerage community by demanding a huge investment on the part of bro...
THE CASE AGAINST ZESTIMATES--CASE CLOSED??I know this is an emotional issue, at least it is to me and everyone else out there who have been harmed by the Zestimates put out there as valid assessment of value on a piece of real estate. The public is up in arms--as much as they can be with so littl...
HOW WOULD YOU INFORM A BUYER OF THIS?I think I have heard everything now--Buyers in The Hamptons are falling victim to more and more of this sort of disruption: BUYERS CLAIM THEY DID NOT KNOW ABOUT TRASHY TV SHOW FILMING NEXT DOORMore and more we are finding the bucolic environment of the Hampton...
 A LITTLE BIRD TOLD ME...I don't remember exactly when I heard that Fred had gone home from the hospital. They released him so that he could go home and recuperate there instead of the hospital. I heard rumors that he was surprisingly well.I had not seen him for some time, was actually thinking h...
 UNTOLD STORYIt is the beginning of summer in the Hamptons and I'm finding that the typical things I do at this dawn of a new day are not even coming to mind. I normally have the beginnings of a garden and I have not even started one this year. Memorial Day has arrived and along with that are the...
THE BIG BREAK--UP??...OR WISHFUL THINKING?Sometime in 2006--2007, a successful technology team decided that real estate was the next obvious target to take on: The multi-billion dollar brokerage industry was a treasure that no one, not a soul had ever even thought of trying to control outside of ...
 A PURPOSEFUL LIFE— I find the word, "purposeful" so new sounding yet so profound in its meaning. I love to use it, but find it is one of the more difficult words to just plop into a sentence. It rarely fits! But somehow it comes to mind more readily, now that Fred has found his purpose and as he...
"PAY-TO-PLAY": THE REAL REASON FOR THE STRUGGLE IN BROKERAGE TODAY??It's a good question especially with the chaos going on within the brokerage community and with the top producers leaving in droves to go to work for their former competitors! Looking for a new "home" may not be the answer howeve...
"HAMPTON'S HIDEAWAYS"...Where To Go When You Don't Want To Be "Seen". The Hamptons is located on the Eastern End of Long Island and includes the towns of Southampton and East Hampton, New York. Most people do not think of the Hamptons when they want to just go away to relax and not be "seen" by ...
REAL ESTATE BROKERAGES ARE STARTING TO CLOSE IN NYC:I went to the office Monday morning and had one of the agents in my cubicle tell me that she got a call from an agent whom she didn't know--had never heard of.A ROGUE "AGENT" APPEARS OUT OF NOWHERE TO TRY TO TAKE OVER HIGH END LISTINGSHe was ask...

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