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 WHAT HAPPENED TO THAT SMUG ATTITUDE???Its been about 8 months now since I first took note of the change in the market here in the "Hamptons".Today, it is just as slow as it was 8 months ago and it is changing the face of the place that some call the "Playground of the Rich and Famous".Where we o...
This is one of the MOST informative posts I have read in a long time! There is so much information that I got a little overwhelmed since I am not very tech savvy but I just had to re-blog it because many of you are--and beside, Peter seems like the right person to ask questions of!! Please read t...
TIME TO RE-DESIGN OUR MARKETING/BRANDING??Three of the biggest influences in today's real estate market are: The Internet and its large tech companies, who have taken over the listings side and lead generation of the real estate business, now control the flow of listing information that the publi...
WHEN SOMEONE SAYS THE NICEST THING...It's Music To Our Ears!Rarely do we get to hear compliments in this profession--at least in my experience.A while ago however, I read a compliment that was written by our new Regional Vice President of The Hamptons, Carl Benincasa. It was an article that he wr...
From Localism Posts To A Book...Sound Like A Good Idea?I wrote a post in 2010 about my adventures in blogging here on ActiveRain. Most of my posts are about The Hamptons with local information and history being my focus....and I do review some of my posts from time to time. I thought it could be ...
HOW DO YOU  MARKET  YOURSELF IN TODAY'S CHAOS??We are in a shifting real estate market in most parts of this country---Our customary ways of doing things may not even work anymore. We don't have the same ways of reaching the public as we once did...not so long ago!So  many changes in social media...
Dehumanization of The Real Estate AgentIt has been too long now for most people to remember how real estate agents and their brokers functioned in the past.My last post, "'DIRECT HUMAN INTERACTION'...The Importance Of HUMAN Connection In Real Estate" was featured here on AR. This post covered the...
"DIRECT HUMAN INTERACTION"...The Importance of HUMAN Connection in real estate. Real estate today is a complex profession! In today's marketing of real estate there is a huge void in the actual connection between the buyer or seller with the agent. Names appear on ads, but not before the Companie...
IN MY HUMBLE OPINION...Things I Have Needed To Say For SO Long!! No one has a corner on "Best Agent"--Therefore I can call myself the "Best, most infomed agent in the Hamptons"; I will also, however, make sure I do the best that I can and be better informed than the next guy/gal. (And I refuse to...
  DON'T EVER SAY I DIDN'T TELL YA!! DO WE ALREADY KNOW WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN IN REAL ESTATE IN THE FUTURE??? I believe we do--on some level. If we open our minds and "free-associate" our thinking so that we narrow down the probabilities and possibilities we will very often find the seeds that b...

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ActiveRain has become my home away from home; it is a place that I have grown to respect and appreciate as an open forum for real estate professionals and the public; a place to advertise and speak your mind on many subjects, ESPECIALLY real estate. It is rare that we are given the chance to talk openly to the public or even our fellow associates...this is THE PLACE!....WELCOME TO MY BLOG