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"HIDDEN HAMPTONS" ...Coming to Bookstores Soon!!Nothing has prepared any of us for the changes taking place from the Pandemic. My life has had a cataclysmic shift as I deal with the loss of my brother in Flint Michigan, without the benefit of a proper funeral... This, all the while, working every...
MY BOOK, "HIDDEN HAMPTONS", IS ABOUT READY TO PUBLISH!I am so excited to let you know that my book about The Hamptons is finally being prepared for publication. It is in the category of fiction to avoid liability and to protect the local population: "HIDDEN HAMPTONS... a Novel" is the title and I...
STRESS GOT YOU DOWN???...The STRESS FACTOR In Real Estate Getting To You Too?As real estate professionals, we are up against daily, seemingly insurmountable challenges . We deal with people where they live! We have a responsibility to the public that not many other professions have: A homeowner i...
This is a Re-Blog of a very timely post by Chris B. Johnson for those of us who see the forest for the trees with Zillow and their kind who are going after the i-buyers out there lurking in the shadows, looking for the cheap way to buy/sell their homes. I think it is going to happen faster than a...
CHAOS IN REAL ESTATE--HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT IT??? I started writing this post back in May and just now getting back to it to get it published...On the heels of PURPLE BRICKS closing their doors here in the US this past week, I can only say one thing: Maybe this is a "bell weather" of things to co...
10 YEARS OF CHANGE...ON THE RIGHT TRACK??Jeff Dowler has challenged all of us to come up with 10 or more changes that we have experienced; life-altering in my case and to this day I am not complaining.The year was 2010: I began writing about my blogging; I was three years into blogging and I love...
 THE HAMPTONS...Secret LivesLife here in the Hamptons is not all glamour and easy-going lifestyle, as it appears to be in the media and from a celebrity point of view.As a work of fiction, I am hoping these short stories will open a new way to view this incredible place, without invalidating the ...
SUGGESTED VIEWING: "2001 SPACE ODYSSEY"I know, I know--it's a stretch, but if you watch "2001 A Space Odyssey" you just may come up with I just did:The reason the whole thing with these high-tech listing platforms like Z and R seem so otherworldly right now is the disconnect to the individual, th...
HOUSES WITH BLUE BATHROOMS AND MORE...Now, here is an example of what one of the biggest issues we have with Z, is all about:  "Homes with Blue Bathrooms Sell For More?". Not to insinuate that Z is an appraisal company, of course--but what can you think when they come up with their ridiculous Zes...
"WHO WOULD HIRE SUCH A PERSON?"This post is short--to the point and meant to wake up those who still think that paying for leads is an acceptable practice:QUESTION: What is wrong with paying money to get leads? Why not take advantage, in my marketing plan to pay more money than the competition to...

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