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Pat Starnes, Realtor and New Home specialist in Brandon, MS, shares real estate news and current events happening in and around Brandon, Flowood, and the Reservoir area.
One of my 2018 goals is to enhance my Internet presence. Today I decided to work on a tagline or motto.  I did a quick online search for "slogan generator" and entered the typical words like "real estate", "home", and "home ownership". I wanted the slogan to focus on the consumer, not on me or my...
This post could be titled "What I Wish I Knew When I Got Into The Real Estate Business". We all decided to enter the real estate business at some point in our lives. I doubt we were prepared for the work that lay ahead. We probably observed a successful Realtor and thought, "If THEY can do it, so...
Five weeks ago Darryl and Elisa flew to Jackson International Airport to buy a house, but because it was snowing heavily, the second leg of their flight (Chicago to Mississippi) was turned around. After a  stressful day of travel, the plane eventually was cleared to land and we started their home...
As a Realtor, I've seen hundreds of buyers and sellers negotiate costly home inspection repairs. The home inspection can create undue stress and conflict for the parties involved. By taking a few simple steps BEFORE the inspection, some of the drama and cost of repairs can be avoided.  Remove clu...
Reservoir Townhouse for Sale ~ Brandon, MS ~ $87,900 865 Harbor Bend Drive, Brandon, MS 39047  Harborview Townhome for Sale2 Bedrooms, 1.5 BathsPriced to SELL at only $87,900 This 2 bedroom unit has been completed renovated with new wood tile flooring in both bedrooms, freshly painted, new light ...
Google knew it was my birthday before I did. How is that possible? (Let me explain) Last night I stayed up past midnight playing with my new tablet.  Around 12:15 a.m., I noticed the "Google Doodle" looked like this:Google was acknowledging MY PERSONAL BIRTHDAY! How cool is THAT?  When the clock ...
Someone commented the other day that "everyone knows" houses don't sell during the holidays. That may be true is certain parts of the country, but it isn't true in Brandon and Madison, MS!Sure, the market may slow down, but people DO buy houses during the holidays. And homes that are properly pos...
Each year this home, located in Castlewoods Subdivision in Brandon, MS, is decorated for Christmas. There was no music the night I took the photo, so my only suggestion would be to add audio. Can you imagine the amount of work involved to put this display together? It's a beautiful sight to behol...
A couple of years ago, I helped organize a cookie exchange. It was a lot of fun, although baking is not one of my specialties. Getting together with friends for a little "holiday cheer" made it all worthwhile. We are having a cookie swap at work. I asked around for "quick and easy" recipes, and s...
Could you name ONE special Christmas memory if asked? That's hard. There are many wonderful memories; how could I possibly choose just one? Unpacking Christmas decorations brings back memories from earlier years; ornaments made by my grandchildren, the angel pin lovingly crafted by my mother, the...

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