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Mortgage and Lending - Century 21 All-Stars
Here we have Eddie from Sharp Image Copier in Alhambra. 2960 W. Valley Blvd., Alhambra CA 91803 (626) 458-8000. The Mortgage Spin
Downey Real Estate - In this video we will see if it makes sense to buy a property in Downey, or does it make sense to rent instead. You will also see the tax benefits when paying a mortgage vs. rent. What if you set aside a monthly amount for a down payment?
This is a re-post of a article I posted a while back regarding purchase of Downey real estate. Still applicable today.   In this video you will learn why it is a great time to buy Downey Real Estate. You'll also see why if prices drop 10% to 20% it may not necessarily be good for you...  
Renewing your City - Alhambra Real Estate prime Example   In a previous post on my outside blog we analyzed how Detroit has created a Re-Newal engine to Re-Vitalize itself. What we should also discuss is how Alhambra also has a Re-Newal Engine working and it's great not only for Alhambra real est...
There's a program that was rolled out in April that aims to prevent homeowners to fall into foreclosure. It is called HAFA, the Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives Program. The intent of this new program is to facilitate the sale.   The summary of the guidelines are as follows:    * Compleme...
In my blog we discussed that if you are planning to short sale your Downey home and you have a HELOC as a second trust deed you have to take steps in order to avoid being sued for any balances owed. Feel free to see the full report by clicking above or if you prefer see the video below for the fu...

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