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  Only an "Exclusive Buyer Agent" can GUARANTEE to: Represent only their Home Buyer. Negotiate only on their Home Buyer's behalf. Provide the true facts (good and bad) about a property their Home Buyer is considering including: value, market, neighborhood conditions, and obvious physical defects....
In my experience in real estate, I have found that Homebuyers are often led astray by well-meaning friends and relatives who tell them to go out and learn about the market before they get ready to buy a home -- Open Houses, New Construction, homes magazines.  But, their friends and relatives don...
Conditions Reports Just wanted to let you all know that you can now follow my reporting on the market conditions for two of my major markets here on the Hudson River Gold Coast in New Jersey.  Just click the Realty Times MARKET Conditions Reports LOGO above to check out the latest in Jersey City ...
This is a typical initial question people ask me.  "As my Buyer Agent, how do you get paid?"Basically, as a Buyer Agent in NJ, I get paid the same way traditional real estate agents get paid. When a home buyer purchases a property with my help in NJ, the real estate commission:  is due and paid a...
Just wanted to let my local Hudson County, New Jersey readers know that I have added some new technology to this BLOG and also to my websites. Now if you want to search the For Sale Multiple Listings for all Hudson County (Bayonne, Jersey City, Hoboken, Secaucus, Weehawken, West New York) directl...
In New Jersey, I have found that consumers often find it difficult to understand the difference between the various roles which may be played depending on their choice of a particular real estate agent.  Even though the New Jersey Real Estate Commission requires a real estate agent to provide the...
Many of my clients who come from New York or  other States are very unfamiliar with how real estate is done in Northern New Jersey.  In an effort to explain, especially for New Yorker City residents, how things are done differently in Northern New Jersey, I prepared the simple matrix below which ...
In New Jersey, real estate agents are required by the New Jersey Real Estate Commission to disclose to prospective consumers at the very beginning of their relationship, how they intend to work with them.  There are 4 types of business relationships that real estate agents are permitted to engage...

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The BUYER'S ADVISORS Blog contains useful information I have found during my years as a buyer's agent in New Jersey.