Just yesterday it seems I was wondering what would become of the sleeping baby in my arms and somehow he is turning 21 today. You made it through the maze of childhood firsts and navigated the teen years without detouring down any really dark roadways. Now you are almost done with college and loo...
If you can't say something nice don't say anything at all.  Why can't people live by this simple rule?  You don't have to be everyone's friend.  You don't even have to accept their choices or lifestyle.  All you have to do is leave them alone. Why do some feel the need to tease and bully people w...
This was originally published on my other blog,   but I thought my ActiveRain freinds could use a reminder too.  I miss you guys and have to try to get over here more often.  Enjoy each day because it is a gift. I heard a woman say that she didn't care anymore because she was OLD. I could clearl...
 You are cordially invited to visit my village and enjoy!  The Pine Bush Harvest Festival is this Saturday Sept 18th from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM.  Come on down to Main Street, Pine Bush NY for food, vendors, games, and entertainment.  We close off Rt 52 from Rt 302 through the next few blocks to crea...
I am hearing that interest rates are falling to the neighborhood of 4.5% for a 30 fixed rate.  What???? If you have been waiting for a better time to buy, hello it's here!   Inventory is up.... so many people selling house and not enough buyers willing to take the plunge means that you will have ...
The curtain is set to go up on the first production by the Pine Bush Performing Arts Academy, HONK!  I got to get a sneak peek at the dress rehearsal yesterday and you just don't want to miss this one.  It is filled with fun for children and adults alike.  Check out some of the scenes from this e...
Well here it is Monday and I have not heard back from a Listing Agent I called on Saturday to try to do a 2nd showing on a property we are in negotiation for.  Oh yes I called the Listing Agent's office too but they have a constant busy signal, a problem with the line I guess.  I also sent a text...
Saturday July 24, 2010 in Orange County NY   Saturday's Weather Chance of Rain but HOT HOT HOT  (click here for the latest NOAA Information.) Special Events Sweet Corn Celebration - Pine Bush, NY Come to the Pine Bush Farmers Market for this celebration of Sweet Corn today from 9:00 AM - 1:30 PM...
In the craziness that was the market a few short years ago you did not have to really work towards the goal of owning a house.  Heck if you were breathing and could sign your name you could practically buy a house without a penny down and the banks would cover the closing costs in you mortgage.  ...
This Summer has brought several new Summer Enrichment Academies to the Pine Bush Central School District high school students.  Yes in the times of budget cuts and less less less in most school districts, Pine Bush has increased the options for high school students to five program choices includi...

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