It has been a few weeks since the fire and now I am finally able to talk about it.  There is so much to learn from having a major fire in a house you own.  When that property is a rental house there is even more.  I am thankful that my tenant and his young daughter were not home at the time of th...
I hear Mortgage Rates are down this week.  Are you thinking of buying a home in 2015?  One of the best things you can do to get your house search on track is find a great buyer’s agent.  Sure you can spend your time calling up the listing agent on each individual listing you find as you search bu...
Fall Colors in the Hudson Valley and lower Catskill region of New York are at thier peek.  Don't miss the display. 
Warning NY Home Owners Must Reregister For The STAR Tax Exemption By Dec 31st! This is just a reminder to all of you who have put off the STAR registration process for another time.  Well time is running out and if you don't complete the registration process by the last day of this month you will...
Every day the signs of Spring in the Hudson Valley of New York are revealing themselves.  I see the tender buds on the trees in pretty shades of red and light bright green.  Flowers are starting to open and spread color across the landscape.  It is a great time to come visit my neck of the woods ...
It always surprizes me to learn that the musings of "some guy" mean more than pricing information that is backed by current sold information with an eye on current condition.  I have been a Realtor for more than a decade and I have yet to meet the guy.  This is the guy who knows all about real es...
I am waiting patiently to see these buds on the trees turn into tender leaves and usher Spring into our area.  If you are waiting for the Spring Market in real estate to get started let me tell you it is already here!  The interest rates are still really low and the prices on homes are still grea...
New York Residents..... Have you filed for a STAR exemption on your primary residence? I have been doing a little research in my neighborhood and found that there are quite a few houses that are not claiming a STAR exemption.  If you are the owner of a home that is your primary residence and the ...
Are you searching for a house "on your own"?  Today we have so much information available on line it is possible for you to find all the listings in your area of choice, call the listing office for each listing that interests you, arrange for a showing by the listing agent, and put in your offer ...
Are you thinking about buying a new home?  There are some great homes for sale out there at very reasonable prices. There are 82 homes available in the Pine Bush School District listed at $200,000 or less. As a matter of fact there are 33 houses priced at less than $150,000.  Interest rates are l...

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