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Comments, Advice, Questions and more from a student in the world of Real Estate in Greater Tulsa, Oklahoma.
There once was a dog groomer who owned a fairly successful dog grooming business.  Even when times got tough.  Her dog grooming business did well because she was good at what she did; grooming dogs. However, she wasn’t so good at keeping her mouth shut. One day, a regular customer came into her s...
A father and husband, out of anger and favoritism, calls his wife and non-favored child, f'n b's.   He is overheard by others, who are rightfully embarrased. A mom threatens to put down her teenage daughter's dog because they have no money for dog food and the bills are too much...too overwhelmin...
Ever feel like you're being watched? Kind of creepy isn't it? This happened yesterday morning while I was out garage selling with my garage selling friend. We pulled up to a house and I noticed this guy standing in his garage watching the garage sale. When we came back to the car, the guy was sti...
Welcome Home to 11740 E 117th Place North in Collinsville Oklahoma 74021MLS 1118629 This great house, located at 11740 E 117th Place North in Collinsville Oklahoma 74021 has a unique feature. It has a Collinsville Oklahoma address, but it is located within the Owasso Oklahoma school district. But...
One thing I enjoy about working in Real Estate is finding the hidden gems of life that lurk in each home and sometimes, in backyards. Take, for example, this sign. I came upon it not long ago while showing yet another foreclosed house. If you can't read the sign, it says, "Bridge to London." When...
If you've been a member of this amazing community for very long, you know about the value of friendships.  Since joining Active Rain way back in 2007, I have made some amazing friends across the nation.  Many are people whom I've never actually met in person, but whom are more supportive and prov...
I hear it all the time.  And I've been hearing for the last year or so.  It usually goes something like this... "NOW is the time to buy!  Interest rates are never, ever going to be this great again!" And then it is usually followed by some kind of statement like this... "Where are all the buyers?...
A couple of weeks ago was Memorial Day.  As is our tradition, we headed to the Park Grove graveyard in Broken Arrow to visit the grave of my grandparents, great parents and other family members.  Now that mom and dad live in Tulsa, visiting the Park Grove Graveyard is much  more fun because my da...
When it comes to buying or selling a home in Owasso, Oklahoma, we have a wonderful group of Owasso Oklahoma Realtors®.  Because our population is right around 30,000, Owasso, Oklahoma is big enough to have it's own shopping and amenities while still being small enough to know a large portion of t...
Welcome Home to 4056 E 22nd Place in Tulsa Oklahoma 74114, Jefferson TerraceMLS 1108622 Tulsa Oklahoma is a city with culture, diversity and a variety of homes, from the biggest of the big to the quaint and cozy.  And one style of home that Tulsa Oklahoma is known for especially is the Bungalow. ...

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