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Comments, Advice, Questions and more from a student in the world of Real Estate in Greater Tulsa, Oklahoma.
No doubt you’ve heard by now about Cecil the famous lion who was killed by the American dentist in Africa.   And you probably have pretty strong feelings about the situation. Most people do.  It’s blowing up worldwide.  The office of the dentist are being boycotted and there’s even been an online...
So You want to be a REALTOR®? It seems like lots of folks are jumping back into Real Estate now that the big housing crisis is mostly behind us.   But is Real Estate the career for you? How do you know? Answer the following three questions, and you'll have a pretty good idea if Real Estate is for...
Plagiarism is taking what someone else has written and using those thoughts without permission.  It can also be the taking of what someone else has written and representing that material as your own.It's stealing.We've always had to deal with the issue of plagiarism here at Active Rain because it...
The following is a true story.It's a ridiculous true story, but then again, life is sometimes like that.Our twisted tale begins when Mr. and Mrs. Smith (not their real names) decided to buy a house several years ago.  In the backyard there was an above ground pool that the home owners had buried ...
If you sell real estate, it doesn't take you very long to figure out that our industry is full of all sorts of people who do their business in all sorts of ways.What is always interesting is when a real estate "professional" takes an offer personally and gets all bent out of shape.  You want to s...
I'm a lurker at Active Rain.Long ago, in the early days, I was an active blogger.  But I burned myself out, got busy in Real Estate and moved onto other real estate adventures.But I never left Active Rain, because there's just something about this place.  In fact, many good people who I met early...
I used to be a blogger here in the Rain on a pretty active basis. I would write daily and I loved meeting all kinds of new friends here. It was new.It was cool.It was awesome marketing.And I thought ActiveRain was probably the future of Real Estate marketing. But then two things happened: 1)I bur...
Welcome to 8705 N 125th East Avenue, Central Park, Owasso Oklahoma!   If you’re looking for a home in Owasso, Oklahoma that is close to the schools, close to shopping and located central to everything, then look no further!  This one story home located at 8820 East 104th Street North in Central P...
Welcome Home to 8820 East 104th Street North Ranch Creek in Owasso, Oklahoma! Owasso, Oklahoma is a wonderful community with homes that are located on city lots as well as homes located on larger half and one acre lots.  Such is the case with this great one level home located at 8820 East 104th S...
Once upon a time there was a building that had a mouse problem.  They knew they had a mouse problem because they found mouse poop in the kitchen drawers.  “Ick!” yelled the cook, “Something must be done!” So the smart people got together to tackle the problem.  One of them suggested getting a cat...

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