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So we're all getting our smart phones now, right?  You probably already have yours or at least, have yours picked out and will soon be making your purchase.  Good!  Smartphones are a great tool in the world of Real Estate. Besides finding and buying a good Mortgage Calculator app, the next most u...
This morning I woke up to find Diane doing her exercise routine with our Wii Fitness program.  She has set some personal goals and is doing well in her efforts to achieve them.  Usually when she exercises, the dogs and I sit and watch.  I drink my no sugar added coffee so that she'll know that I'...
I love showing houses.  Opening each front door is like a surprise.  What will we find inside?  An older couple home with yesterday's furnishings?  A young family home with children's stuff around?  A home with a new baby and all the cute (and cool) new baby stuff?  And, of course, the foreclosed...
When I pulled up to the house, my heart fell.  The grass was waist high and the weeds were even higher.  Glancing at the structure, I could tell that it had been a beautiful home at one time.  But today it was only a shell of its' former life.  "What had happened here?" I wondered as I waded thro...
Yesterday I wrote a post about using outside material.  The blog was inspired after I had read an AR post by a relative newbie.  The person had completely copied some outside material.  This is against the Active Rain rules, so I thought it was probably a good time for a reminder, not only for my...
Okay Gang, it's time for a reminder lesson on proper blogging and the use of outside sources.  When I first began blogging here at AR, I made the mistake of quoting large amounts of information from outside sources without giving proper credit to the original author(s).  I was called on the carpe...
It's kind of funny, but I'm the only person in our office who has T-Mobile as my mobile phone carrier.  So when the office manager has to text me, she has to use some kind of special program because T-Mobile doesn't work with the program she uses for everyone else. Fascinating right?  Well stay t...
Okay folks.  We all know about hyper local content and all that jazz here at AR.  The idea is to provide community information to your reading audience. Diane and I want to take our kids to Florida around the first of the year.  We don't have a travel agent and we're on a budget, given the econom...
Let's face it.  In today's market, buyer's usually try to control most of the real estate transaction.  And appraisals are now a trouble spot too.  How many times do you read here at Active Rain of low appraisals coming in and blowing a transaction?! Call me a control freak,but one of the simples...
Diane and I were playing around with our Wii the other day when she decided to try out the ski jump. Below is the video I “secretly” shot of her. We still laugh everytime we watch it! If you have a Wii and you haven’t tried the ski jump in the Wii fit program, you don’t know what you’re missing! ...

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