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       Home builders are having a hard time moving inventory right now. To anyone in that industry, this obvious statement is not news, but rather a frustrating repetition of reality. But calling the present state of affairs in the housing construction market a “hard time” is an insult to the wor...
     When you’re ready to sell your house, it’s assumed you prefer to do it quickly rather than slowly, though we offer our apologies to sellers in the latter category. It’s safe to say the VAST majority want to move that real estate out of their hands pronto. It used to be that your best hope to...
When a new way of doing business appears on the scene, people tend to be (rightly so) a little bit suspicious about the whole thing. As a species, we cling tightly to the familiar until the unfamiliar proves itself, and real estate is no different. For eons, it seems like, folks who want to sell...
While Open Door Auctions doesn’t specialize in foreclosure auctions, it has not escaped our notice that property investors are beating bushes and shaking trees to ferret out the best deals. With more than two decades of experience in the real estate industry, we’ve seen enough foreclosure deals ...
We’re going to talk about house ownership and investing in a slightly different way here today, so hang on for the ride. The first point is that, economically speaking, having a bunch of equity vested in your house is a bad idea. At Open Door Auctions, we understand that the idea of a pile of ca...
From our CEO Jason Hartman; read more about investing in income property nationwide with our 'sister' company Platinum Properties Investor Network.  Search Income Property available nationwide!I believe the very survival of our American way of life is at stake. I recently noted a post at EndTimeI...
        Selling a house has long been considered one of the least predictable endeavors you can undertake. There’s usually not much doubt that it can and will sell – eventually. The problem is that is often takes longer than the average owner is prepared to wait. As weeks and months (sometimes ev...
     There’s a little bit of psychology involved with being a real estate agent. You might not have noticed, but when they talk to a buyer about a purchase, it’s called a “home.” When they talk to a seller it’s referred to as a “house.” This choice in terminology is not accidental. A home conjure...
    The Open Door Auctions team recently did a little research to figure out what the average length of time it takes to sell your house in various cities/areas around Southern California: Orange County, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Bernadino, and Riverside. The big picture view is that, if you th...
NEW LISTING!  Calling all single-level buyers!  For Sale by Auction ~ Listed for $349,000!  ONE DAY ONLY Auction! 24472 Verena Ct, Mission Viejo CA 92691 MLS# u11002887 Looking for an affordable single-level home in great area?  Look no further!   Located in Aegean Hills community of Mission Viej...

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