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In St. Paul there is a proposal before the City Council that could restrict the sale of affordable housing.  The proposal would require that any Registered Vacant Property be brought fully code compliant before it can be sold.Currently, Registered Vacant Property can be sold and the owner has a s...
On November 13, 2007 at 1:00 PM Woodbury Police Department responded to a call of an attempted burglary in the 9400 block of Wedgewood Dr. The resident reported that an adult white male had repeatedly knocked on her front door. The resident did not recognize the person and did not answer the door...
I have been thinking about the things that I can do personally to help the environment.  I realize new home builders are using all kind of environmentally friendly products but what about the older homes?  What can we do?  I realize that newer furnaces and air conditioners are more efficient but ...
During this Holiday Season I'm sure many of us will be ordering gifts online.  This is a tip that might help you save some money.   When I Google my favorite store often I'm given a promo code at the top of the home page for free shipping or other special offers.  But you can also enter the (stor...
Have you ever given any thought to what can happen when a title company closes?It can create a nightmare for both a buyer and a seller.  A buyer's title insurance premium may not have been paid or a seller's mortgage may not have been satisfied.  Or what about the rest of the charges on the HUD?C...
Many new home buyers throughout the country are finding themselves loosing all or part of their earnest money or waiting months even years for their homes to be completed.Often they will find liens have been placed on their homes by contractors or suppliers that haven't been paid.Also, developers...

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