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I wanted to share another staging success...  We staged this small condo-conversion on April 8th and it sold on April 17th.  The agent is beside herself at the success and speed of the sale.  This is proof that staging works in any economic situation.  The buyers are also interesed in purchasing ...
This agent was part of the UlLTIMATE OPEN HOUSE NEW HOME TOUR here in Portland.  She needed her property staged before Saturday. If you want it bad enough and the STAGING GODS are your friends that day, it can happen.  We received a call on Thursday morning about a project , only had time to view...
Is the client really importlant? (edit/delete) So, I just finished a job with a client that was a dream.  She fully understood the concept of staging, didn't balk about the price and let me have fun!  I have found over and over again and I am sure many stagers have too that when a client gives y...
Yes!  It sold in a hurry. We dubbed this property "the white house".  It had white carpet, white marble floors in the entry and white walls. We  staged the property on March 18th and found out today that it had 3 offers on it in 10 days.  It has gone through inspection and we are now waiting for ...
We just found out toady that a home we currently have staged is one of the three to be featured on HGTV's House Hunters.  The property is definately a "fixer" as it was a rental for the owne/agent for many years.  The home is in a great neighborhood and has a lot of potential.  I will keep you po...
With CC lenders pulling back on limits, be carreful on billing clients whose cards you have.  Do not rely on the fact that you have their CC number, they might no longer have the limit and you might be stuck. 
This is a great solution we have used on quite a few ocacasions.  This fills an empty fireplace in an un-conventional way.  We always get positive comments on this.
We staged this small condo conversion here in Portland.  The agent was not sure we could put everything into the unit (she said it was not big enough).  Boy was she surprised when she came back.
When staging, do not be afraid to float upholstered furniture.  By floating the furniture, and getting the items away from the wall, the room will appear larger and give more traffic flow.  Run cords to lamps under rugs to get light into the center of the room.  Never have a cord sail through the...
OK... We alll know the market has tanked... Buyers still have the same desire to buy a great home.  If you are not staging or using redesign services, your listing will rot on the market.  Buyers are in control today.  They want a move-in ready home.  If your listing needs any type of paint, they...

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