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Yes...  Even while on vacation, I still continue to work.  I was watching the mornig news here in Southern California and saw a story on the government's plan to extend the First time homebuyer program through April.  The extension will also include REPEAT HOMEBUYERS, but you have had to have own...
BUT IT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ROOM IN THE HOUSE.  This listing is a current job that we staged just last week in the popular NE neighborhood of Hollywood.  All that the homeowners had a budget for was for staging one room in the house. The rest of the house was staged with the owners furnishings. ...
As stagers or as I like to call myself "a speed decorator" we need to know what is going on in the design world: afterall, we are part of it like it or not.  It is up to you to know who the big names in the design world are.  For instance, follow who the top 100 designers are in the U.S. and see ...
This is another ON STAGE SUCCESS STORY.  This condo was  a small studio in a desireable building.  The majority of the condos in this neighborhood are not staged and are just setting on the market.  Time and time again, properties staged by ON STAGE get eh results agents and homeowners are lookin...
This is another On Stage job that is now sale pending.  This condo unit is in a neighborhood that has an abundance of units for sale.   This particular unit had an unusal layout and buyers were not able to see how the space could work for them.It took 8 weeks to sell, and our client is happy with...
It seems like a long time since I have posted anything, but we have been staging, and so things are a little backed-up in the AR posting dept.  This listing is a home that we staged FOR RENT.  This client has had us stage many prioperties for her in the pat and all have sold in a short period of ...
This is a great tool that we have been using for a long time.  It is a convertible cart/dolly.  It is great for use in a urban environment (condos).  You can lay it flat and haul totes or use it upright and haul tall items.
This is another job that On Stage worked on in the Pearl district in Portland.  This is a small studio condo that is small in size, but huge on style.  The agent was not sure how much furniture you could actually show in this unit.  By using small-scaled, visually light furniture, we were able to...
Everyone seems to have this table.  It is the $19.99 IKEA small round table.  DON"T BE AFRAID TO PAINT THEM.  We recently set a child's bedroom and painted the tables orange.  What a difference it made.
Our largest project has finally sold, and the developer is VERY HAPPY.  This was a great project for us to work on as a team.  Normally, we each work on a project from start to finish, but when we get a large project like this, we always have a lot of fun trying out new ideas and finding out if i...

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