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BEEFS WITH BUSINESS' My website is going to be hosting a place for all of you to share the beefs you have experienced with professionals in and out of your profession. We will not post false claims, allegations etc. You can start your submissions immediately and please provide any supporting proo...
If any of you need referrals for Inspectors, lenders, appraisers, handy men, etc...please feel free to contact me anytime. I insist on developing a strong hands on relationship with professionals before I feel comfortable referring them to you because...let's face it, my reputation is on the line...
If you would like to fully utilize many different websites...such as Craigslist,google,etc, without inputing each and every piece of information, I can show you how! Drop me a line and I will outline how and what is the best way to maximize your sales, listings or information exposure without doi...
WASHINGTON, July 14, 2008 The U.S. Senate has passed a bipartisan housing stimulus bill that "is a big step toward helping people buy and keep their homes," said National Association of Realtors® President Dick Gaylord. The Senate action moves a housing stimulus package closer to law, which would...
I promise you we are here to help...well most of us. Which is why it is imperitive that you do your research before you actually hire a Realtor. After you have done your research and you feel comfortable with the Real Estate agent you have chosen, let us do what you hired us to do. I'm not sugges...
Higher Loan Limits Are Needed for FHA, Freddie Mac & Fannie Mae Making the higher loan limits permanent will increase investor confidence and the availability of safe, fair, affordable mortgage credit for borrowers and those wishing to refinance.  Higher loan limits will help stabilize mortgage m...
For those of you who read my blogs and updates about Real Estate and Lending trends, here's one for the books. Fannie Mae Scraps Declining Markets Policy... Fannie Mae will no longer require borrowers to put up an extra 5 percent down payment when purchasing homes in areas deemed "declining marke...
Fannie Mae's new housing recovery initiative. On May 6, Fannie Mae announced its Keys to Recovery Initiative to promote liquidity, stability, and affordability in the housing and mortgage markets. Here are highlights developed by NAR: * First, Fannie is working to reduce the cost to consumers of ...
!!Check this out!! I am using a company that allows you to send out thank you cards, I love you cards, welcome cards and more. I guarantee it is the easiest way to send a card! You can also send a gift along with the card...and the best thing is that's it inexpensive to do!!! A lot of us in the R...
The FHA stimulus package is set to expire at the end of the year. Please help take action to support realistic and permanent increases in FHA loans by copying and pasting the link below and sending this already typed proposal to our congressman and women.

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