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Seriously, do you know what is happening with all your marketing efforts? Many years ago, brokers and agents could post their listings on different site for exposure, get an offer, and hopefully, a smooth closing. Gone are the days you were able to post your property on Zillow, Trulia, Backpage, ...
How often do you use the same Utility Company, REO, or Short Sale form? Some forms are used daily and some are used several times in one day. Make your life easier by making your repetitive forms fillable to save youself time. Adobe Professional is a great tool to make fillable forms, forms that ...
I'm frequently asked by agents how to keep or label their files. Not everyone use QuickBooks or have extra cash on hand to pay for an expensive setup or pay a monthly fee to store or track invoices. I never suggest to any agent or broker to rely completely on the portals used by the asset company...
Your Competition! Don't get side track by success, it can be and often is, temporary. Your competititor just moved a hurdle in front of you while you were sleeping, thinking so grand of yourself, you didn't realize that #2 was on your heels and taking advantage of your weaknesses and overindulgin...
Waking up to nature is always wonderful. Every days I find some form of animal activities either on my rear deck or in the rear yard. If I every get the courage to take a photo of a skunk, I will post but they are always  too close for my comfort. The hawk visits my back yard daily due to the abu...
I was recentaly talking on the phone with a potential client and have heard a lot of the same thing that agents and assistants struggle with in business, They do it all, Hire a coach to teach them, Can't find enough time in the day to complete everything, Need more business, Quickly learned that ...
Start a blog, write about the community and real estate market, remain consistent, and be committed and writing daily. Put a brochure/business card in every envelope you send in the mail. Tie in your newsletters with another professional (like a dentist). Develop the team concept and promote it ...
Don't forget the Human Touch of the business, Say "Thank You!" Do you show your current and past clients that you care and thank them for all that they have done? Maybe your buyers were exceptional throughout the entire homebuying process, stayed on top of the requirements and was not selfish of ...
Do you know the timeline followed by your asset managment REO reimbursement A/P department? Did you say NO? It is time you find out! Did you know that there is one asset company (that I know of) that will only reimburse after 120 days and only after the property has been sold. Did you know that t...
All REO agents have experienced problems getting reimbursed by the bank for one or more reasons. While it is true that most of the banks intentionally throw obstacles in the process to avoid paying a reimbursement, often the broker/agent cause their own problems. Not obtaining and retaining appro...

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