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Well, Woodbury Days has come and gone and it was a long, fun filled weekend. One Call Property Care had a great time in our booth as a part of the business fair. We had free temporary tattoos for kids, and while the kids were having them put on, we had the opportunity to talk to the parents!We ma...
This weekend is Woodbury Days and One Call Property Care will have a booth at the business fair. Community Festivals such as this are an excellent way to meet potential clients. From homeowners to homebuilders, lots of people will be there. With so many booths and activities to choose from, what ...
One Call Property Care will have a booth at the Woodbury Days business fair from August 24th -26th. This is our first such foray into booth type marketing, so we are hoping for the best. Trade shows and business fairs are not cheap. With registration fees, booth setup, tent, banners, marketing ma...
I have never understood why some cities create trash hauling monopolies while others delegate the responsibility to many haulers. Minneapolis, for example includes trash hauling in the monthly bill for water and other utilities. In many ways this makes a lot of sense. There is only 1 garbage truc...
The Midwest is a region founded on the belief that hard work will get you anywhere. This hard work ethic has a tendency to permeate many aspects of everyday life. It seems that there is the feeling that a person should be able to do everything themselves without help. Perhaps it is pride.I was ta...
The United State is getting old and I don't just mean as a country. I mean the average age in this country is increasing and many people are getting close to retirement. Most of these people own homes that require an increasing amount of effort to care for. There are a lot of options for seniors ...
It was an epiphany. Or at least as close to an epiphany as I think I have ever had. There I was riding in the car with my mother when she began to talk about moving into a condo. "Why on earth would you want to move into a condo?" I asked her. Now I have nothing against condo owners, you just nee...

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