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Does the whole Social Media buzz have you overwhelmed or confused.  Do you tweet, post, write a blog, film an award winning YouTube video, or all of the above?  The answer is yes.  You need to do something, should do everything (maybe not win an award), but probably don't have the time or knowled...
10/16/2009 is excited to present Omaha Realtors with a 1 day Web Marketing Bootcamp on August 26th, 2009 from 9-4:30.Ubertor recently won the Inman News award for Most Innovative Web Service.'s sister company,, is bringing its online marketing worksho...
I've spent the last 3 years developing  It is a marvelous tool for Real Estate Professionals to utilize to give back to their community and enhance their business.  I'm looking for licensing partners.  Anyone that believes in the concept and would like to help me take it t...
I'm listening to the book on tape by Seth Godin, Meatball Sunday.  It's all about todays marketing versus traditional marketing.  The one idea that stands out to me is that the customer is now in charge of the marketing.  "Blogs have turned readers into writers and YouTube has turned viewers into...
I believe that Community Leadership drives Local Business. I believe that the primary display of community leadership is giving - giving time and money. I believe that many people would like to give more today, to enhance their community and business today, but don't have the resources to give as...

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