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How to Arrive at a More Accurate Net Income Number for Your Investment Property In an earlier post, we discussed very basic methodology for analyzing potential investment properties, where Net Income was a rough estimate that included annual rent only. This is mostly useful for comparison purpose...
WHAT QUOTE INSPIRES ME THE MOST? Many, many moons ago, as a sophomore in college, I was fortunate to be accepted into a graduate level French literature course. Part of the curriculum included reading portions of Pascal’s Pensee.  Blaise Pascal was a brilliant seventeenth century French mathemati...
My Unusual Lead-Generation Story Well, maybe it’s not that unusual, but somewhat different anyway. Many realtors pay for leads from professional companies. Some agents have success with those, others don’t find the leads “real” or productive. In my case, there was no question as to  the leads bei...
Does Having a Generator Improve the Value of a Home?or What It Means To Be Without Power    When buying a new home, you might be looking for a super gourmet kitchen, a luxury bathroom, extra bedrooms, great outdoor living space, a pool or tennis court, but does one ever seek out a home with a gen...
WHY SOUTHWESTERN CONNECTICUT IS A GREAT PLACE TO LIVE Home-buying decisions are never easy. When making them, we try to use reason, logic, common sense, process of elimination and other rational-sounding arguments. However, more often than not, the decision winds up being emotional, based on how ...
US TENNIS OPEN, NEW YORK CITY,  NEW YORK 2016 Flushign Meadows Park The US Tennis Open in New York City’s Billie Jean King Tennis Center is the last Grand Slam tennis event of the year and the largest. This year the event runs from Monday, August 29th to Sunday, Sept 11th and, chances are it will...
BRIDGEWATER, CT COUNTY FAIR 2016   This year the popular Bridgewater County Fair in Connecticut drew more visitors than ever. The event started on Friday, August 19th and ran through the evening of Sunday, August 21st.    The Bridgewater Fair offered its usual attractions of farm animal displays ...
KENT, CT  SIDEWALK FESTIVAL  Over the week-end of Thursday, August 4 - Sunday, August 7, the town of Kent in Connecticut held a Sidewalk Festival, as they called it, or sort of a street fair. It was a huge success!    The lucky visitors who came out on this beautiful day were treated to various a...
DO YOU KNOW YOUR INTEREST RATES?  Interest rates are always a big topic of conversation in business meetings, in real estate transactions, when considering new credit cards and so on. It is not surprising, as various interest rates impact our lives in many different ways.  At the national level, ...
 What Is Paddle Boarding or Stand Up Paddle Surfing? Stand Up Paddle Surfing (SUP) or paddle boarding is an ancient sport that has been gaining in popularity recently as a fun recreational activity. It’s basically a surface water sport, whereby the surfer stands upright on a board and uses a padd...

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