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TRUE STORY OF AN OVERPRICED HOME SELLERS BEWARE! Sellers, don’t go for the tempting carrot of a high price on your home, it can become EXPENSIVE!  Below is a true story of a pricing situation from my own experience: I get a call for a listing appointment in exactly the area in which I was very ac...
 SELLERS - HOW TO SAVE MONEY ON THE SALE OF YOUR HOME How to save money on the sale of your home? Simple - listen to the price of the agent you trust. DON’T GO FOR THE TEMPTING CARROT OF A HIGH PRICE, when you have a knowledgeable agent telling you where the real value is. How to find one of thos...
DO  YOU KNOW WHICH GROUPS ARE PROTECTED UNDER FAIR HOUSING LAWS? All realtors need to be aware of fair housing laws and abide by them.Many lawsuits have been reported recently and plaintiffs are often winning them. There are Federal laws and state laws that govern fair housing issues. The state l...
CLOSING GIFT IDEA FOR REALTORS or FOR ANYONE ELSE One of the most frequent questions in the Active Rain Q&A section seems to be in regard to closing gifts: what do you give? Or, what do you suggest? Some agents don't do closing gifts, but many of us want to do something special and meaningful for...
DO YOU KNOW WHAT HOUSING DISCRIMINATION LOOKS LIKE? In May of 2016 the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) announced that it will make available a $37.3 Million grant to fight housing discrimination in the United States.  The funds are to be allocated to various local agencies, whos...
The Foliage Season is Here in Connecticut!Some of the season's most beautiful views are right here, in Connecticut, just over an hour's drive from New York City. You can enjoy automn's splendor while getting into the Halloween spirit. The foliage season in Connecticut begins around mid to late Se...
WHAT CAN YOU BUY UNDER $500K IN THE CANDLEWOOD LAKE AREA OF CT? There are quite a few choices. If you are looking specifically for water communities, or neighborhoods within easy access of one of our lakes, there are currently 147 such properties on the market in the towns of New Fairfield, Danbu...
 WHY IS IT THE PERFECT TIME TO BUY YOUR WEEKEND OR VACATION HOME IN CONNECTICUT NOW? There are many reasons:  Prices are good - Connecticut still lags behind the overall real estate recovery, there are good values on home purchases. Interest rates continue to be very favorable. Fall is a beautifu...
Go Native, America! In the Desert, Landscape with Rocks and Cacti  So much water goes into keeping lawns green, deciduous trees and shrubs growing and flowers blooming in arid areas. The Hoover Dam, for example, allowed some portions of the desert to be sufficiently irrigated to support a large c...
COULD THIS HAPPEN IN REAL ESTATE - A JUDGE DECIDING FAIR MARKET VALUE?  A scary thing happened on Wall Street in June of 2016. In response to a shareholder law suit, a judge in a Delaware court declared that the price for the sale of Dell Computer was $6 Million short of what it should have been....

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